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  1. BlastbeatCasanova

    Biological Leninism / Dysgenics in the "Real World"

    So there is obviously the "soy boy" meme, which most folks here are familiar with, as well as the science that backs it up (soy leading to increased estrogen production, etc.) Then you have the generalized yet seemingly accurate "leftists are usually fat/ugly people, right-wingers are generally...
  2. BlastbeatCasanova

    Anyone going to the 21 Convention

    No promo, I was curious if anyone on the forum will be attending. It's this week: If you haven't heard about it, it's touted as a pretty big IRL red pill event. I decided to attend because it seems interesting and ended up being geographically convenient for...
  3. BlastbeatCasanova

    Leftist Nutcase Roundhouse Kicks Pro-Life Protester

    Felt like this needed a forum hot take. Assaulting protect women's rights..? You couldn't make this shit up. The video:
  4. BlastbeatCasanova

    Did the "Deep Subforum" disappear?

    Seems like I was just looking at it yesterday, and now I can't find it. Apologies if I missed something/there's an obvious answer
  5. BlastbeatCasanova

    Rapper XXXTentacion Dead at 20

    I'm not a fan of his, IMO his music is pretty mediocre and his rise in popularity is indicative of the decline in quality of entertainment and of American culture. That said, his music must have made quite an impact with the younger generation as they apparently related a lot his lyrics with...
  6. BlastbeatCasanova

    Weird Hobbies

    Anyone have any weird hobbies/guilty pleasures? I'm curious. Mine used to be building with Lego. I know it's generally regarded as a children's toy but there is a large online community of adults who make pretty incredible things with it as a creative outlet. example...
  7. BlastbeatCasanova

    I quite enjoyed the Oscars last night

    ...siiiiiiiike, because I'm not a braindead retard and don't watch propaganda. Caught a snippet this morning while drinking my morning joe, of course it was all #MeToo and #DiversityTotallyRulezUGuys. Boycott Hollywood.
  8. BlastbeatCasanova

    Ben Garrison

    Anyone here familiar with Ben Garrison? The Right needs more artists for its cause but he's been holding it down for a while. I feel like he definitely lurks RP sites (he mentioned "red pilled men" and "soy boys" in a write-up on one of his newer cartoons). I am not affiliated with him in any...
  9. BlastbeatCasanova

    Health Insurance

    Younger American guy here, I was wondering if anyone knew of any cheap/quality health insurance plans. The main coverage I want is in case of some kind of accident. I think I'm in pretty good health, what spurned this need to get this done was a 29 y/o relative of some people I know didn't have...
  10. BlastbeatCasanova

    Career Advice

    Hello Gents, I'm 26 years old and at a transitory stage in my employment. I'm curious, for some of the guys here in their 30's and 40's with stable employment that is fulfilling/that they don't hate, how did you get into your current gig? Any advice on a solid career or job or how you fell...