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  1. Chains of Peter

    Conspiracy theorists--what made you start believing?

    I myself can't pinpoint an exact moment. Perhaps it was enough that I've been on the fringe right for so many years that I began realizing that all the left-liberal-Enlightenment institutions were gaslighting us into not believing objective reality nor our own intuition. But I think there are...
  2. Chains of Peter

    Cutting off family

    I wonder if there's a proper threshold for cutting family off of one's life. To their credit, my parents weren't abusive or negligent, and despite being Asian/Pinoy, have respected my life choices (particularly not joining the military nor getting into med school). However, with how easily and...
  3. Chains of Peter

    Men Going God's Way (MGGW)

    This is not something new, but a re-statement of the life states that Christian men have pursued throughout the history of faith. It is simply the vocations of marriage, holy orders, or consecrated religious life. I discuss it in the /r/TraditionalCatholics post, but it can just as well be...
  4. Chains of Peter

    Importance of the interior/"the heart"

    As much evidence and proofs exist for the Christian faith, I don't think I've ever been a believer because of such. My introduction to the Faith was simply seeing the crucifix, and my mother's short catechism: "That Man is Jesus. He is Man and God and He died to save us." For me, that was...