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    33 Dead, 130 Injured in China Knife-Wielding Spree

    Another prime example of why guns don't kill people, people kill people. A tragedy in all regards though, RIP.
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    OkCupid Suggests Users Not Use Firefox Because Of Homosexuals

    Not sure if this is deserving of a thread. So close and merge to existing OKCupid Game thread if so. TLDR; New Firefox CEO opposes gay rights. OkCupid disapproves and blocks Firefox Browsers from accessing...
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    Men Are Like Dogs, Five Steps to Getting What You Want

    1. Do not allow a new puppy to sleep in your bed before he is potty trained. So, don’t sleep with a man right after you first meet. 2. Reward your new puppy with a treat once it has performed a trick properly. Once your man has lived up to your expectations on how a man should treat you, it is...
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    Jean Claude Van Damme AD

    One of the best ADs I've seen in a while. It's simply beautiful.
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    Cop shoots Cop shoots six rounds at the truck because the kid didn't turn off the engine. Two of the bullets hit him and killed him. The cop is currently on paid leave. The father called the cops to teach him a...
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    Stan Lee Superheroes: Woman Spider Monkey

    WYB? This cute blonde has above average grip, spider monkey qualities, and an amazing ass. Another cool video, a guy that has superhuman aim when throwing a football. This man has been able to create Spider Silk, supposedly the strongest thread in the world.
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    NSA Files Decoded - Edward Snowden's surveillance revelations explained A great, interactive site explaining the various facets of NSA information collection. Insane how something like this was never even mentioned to the public and there is not even the...
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    14 Year Old Slashes Math Teachers Throat
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    Private Email Provider Shuts Down to Protect Privacy of Users After the FBI had requested for complete backdoor access to all of the users that used the email application Lavabit, Ladar Levison shut down the service completely...
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    Free Online Courses

    I did not see a dedicated thread for something like this. I made a thread earlier about a good Adobe deal, however I will post strictly FREE courses in this thread to stay on the safe side. Anyone else feel free to post deals as well. Any deals or courses that are free and don't require you to...
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    Adobe Power 7 Udemy deal - 7 for $7

    Great deal for 7 amazing Adobe courses. 7 Udemy courses for $7. That's the link I got in my email. No promotion or credit for me...
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    NSA Privacy Rules Broken Thousands of Times a Year Obama alone had almost 700 privacy violations, in just one QUARTER.
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    Engineering Toy For Girls I have a feeling this will do absolutely nothing to inspire girls to "pursue engineering related" degrees. It's literally going against human...
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    Eyeball scanning to come to Middle Schools The sad thing is this is going to become a reality in a few years, if not sooner. And people will accept it. Pretty soon we'll all be implanted with a GPS data chip at birth...
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    America is NOT the best country in the world.

    The words are spot on and it is pretty much everything I want to explain to people. I am not even close to being as articulate as this guy.
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    The response to feminists

    [video=vimeo][/MEDIA] Hmm not embedding. Anyways here it is. [URL] Seriously, what else is there to say? Save onto phone. Feminist starts arguing. Show video. Done.