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  1. Roosh

    Nihilism by Father Seraphim Rose

    Originally posted on There aren’t many American Orthodox monks who are candidates for sainthood, but Father Seraphim Rose (born Eugene Rose) is one of them. He led a worldly life that included an illicit relationship before turning to Christ and becoming a light for the Orthodox...
  2. Roosh

    What Christians can do as America falls apart

    Originally posted on You don’t need a PhD in history to know that the American empire has run its course and is in terminal decline. We’ve passed the stage of parasitic infection, where the host remains alive and functioning, and have moved into the devouring of the corpse by a...
  3. Roosh

    How to join the Orthodox Church

    Originally posted on Many people have expressed interest to me about joining the Orthodox Church but don’t know how, especially since so many Orthodox Churches seem to revolve around ethnicity. For new converts who want to experience the Divine Liturgy in mostly English, however...
  4. Roosh

    The Satanic Rebellion by Dr. Robert Luginbill

    Originally posted on The first book that helped me get familiar with the Bible was The Satanic Rebellion by Dr. Robert D. Luginbill. It offers a big picture view of God’s plan that was helpful for me as a new believer, in spite of the fact that many of his beliefs (e.g...
  5. Roosh

    Do You Deserve A Good Woman?

    Originally posted on An endless refrain I hear from men is that there are no good women. The assumption is that these men are themselves “good,” but a quick look at their anemic faith and unbridled passions shows that they are far from it. What can we assume about a woman who cries...
  6. Roosh

    On The Providence Of God by Saint John Chyrsostom

    Originally posted on On The Providence Of God by Saint John Chrysostom was personally recommended to me by Abbot Damascene of St. Herman’s Monastery in California. Saint John wrote this book at the end of his life after he was exiled to the mountains of Armenia. It was meant to...
  7. Roosh

    Women show their horrifying transformations after "escaping" from conservative households

    It's sad. I advise you mute them since they all use the same narration. The girls argue that looking like a freak (or worse) is who they "really are". The full list:
  8. Roosh

    Poland Won’t Let Go Of Me

    Originally posted on Scenes from Poland flash into my mind. The gray street I lived on for two years, with the hipster cafe right across my kitchen window. My favorite pub where I’d stand next to the bathroom and fish for loose Polish women. The Catholic Church I walked by a...
  9. Roosh

    My 2020 road trip

    Originally posted on I’m back on the road after spending the past five months at home with my mother in the Washington D.C. suburbs. My bird-watching abilities have declined and I’ve become a little too comfortable in the kitchen making chocolate chip cookies and delicious...
  10. Roosh

    The Orthodoxy Of G.K. Chesterton

    Originally posted on It’s hard to go a couple of months in conservative circles without coming across a G.K. Chesterton quote. After reading this book, I’m afraid to say that his quotes are better than his prose because Orthodoxy felt like the ramblings of a grumpy old man. There...
  11. Roosh

    Why I Don’t Trust American Dentists

    Originally posted on Due to living abroad for over a decade, I’ve been to dentists in half a dozen countries. From my cumulative worldwide experience, I can proclaim that my worst dealings with dentists have occurred in the United States. American dentists are overly aggressive with...
  12. Roosh

    Father Josiah Trenham is a pillar of Orthodoxy

    Father Josiah is a priest in Riverside, California for the Antiochian Orthodox Church. I've never met him, but I consider him a spiritual elder thanks his prolific output of sermons and talks. He understands what's going on in the culture and connects it with the spiritual world better than...
  13. Roosh

    What do you think will happen in September 2020?

    I have been sharing for a short while how I think September 2020 could be momentous. I believe that the strategy of the left is to breed maximum chaos to disrupt the November 3 election, specifically by making the country so dangerous and unsafe that mail-in voting is forced, which they would...
  14. Roosh

    Teachings Of The Church Fathers

    Originally posted on When I first received God’s grace, I was essentially a blank slate, with only a couple of preconceived notions of what it meant to be a Christian. To catch up for lost time, I began devouring Christian books. Early Christian Doctrines by J.N.D. Kelly was a...
  15. Roosh

    Roosh Hour #54 – Porn World

    Originally posted on I talk about the pornification of the United States, increasing civil lawlessness, hero of law and order Kyle Rittenhouse, the push to make a coronavirus vaccine mandatory, and a lot more. If you receive value from my videos, please support my work by making a...
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    How to use the spoiler tag

    The spoiler tag can hide both text or media behind a button. Here's how to use it... Step 1: Type or embed your content like normal. Step 2: Highlight the content. Step 3: Click the Spoiler button. You can find it in the toolbar (click the "..." icon next to the smiley face then click...
  17. Roosh

    Basic Christianity Is Extreme To Those Without Faith

    Originally posted on A common argument I see against me is that I’ve gone “too far” with my relatively new Christian faith. Instead of following the clear teachings of Jesus Christ, I should instead seek “balance” with the “middle path” where I only moderately sin to “enjoy” the...
  18. Roosh

    New guidelines for sharing graphic content

    As the world continues to descend into evil, there is a growing stream of publicly released photo and video that depict graphic violence or extreme vulgarity. From this point on, I ask all members to add a content warning to all media that features excessive profanity, gore, explicit sexuality...
  19. Roosh

    Camping recommendations for American Northeast

    I'm hitting the road again. This time I want to take my truck and try camping. I bought the basic gear. Do you have any camping recommendations near this general route? I figure I can stay at a camp site for 2 days at a time.
  20. Roosh

    The Internet Was Created As A Surveillance Network

    Originally posted on Surveillance Valley by Yasha Levine documents how the internet was originally developed in the 1960s as an intelligence-gathering network. Once that network was perfected, it was unleashed onto consumers under the guise of being an educational tool of freely...