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  1. Sankt Michael

    The Richard Spencer and alt-right thread

    They are not just National-Socialists by name you know.
  2. Sankt Michael

    German Corona Red Pills

    You know it is just a stereotype, not a truth. A popular normie example:
  3. Sankt Michael

    The Catholic Church thread

    If I remember correctly @Psalm27 is some kind of protestant who never tires to attack Catholicism.
  4. Sankt Michael

    German Corona Red Pills

    German people are very obedient to authority. I believe it has something to do with our history in that we were almost never ruled by a foreign or hostile elite before the Second World War. Lenin is sometimes said to have joked that German revolutionaries would not storm a railway station...
  5. Sankt Michael

    The Catholic Church thread

    I do not think that the pope himself is managing this account. It is most likely Vatican Media, which you even can see in the account description.
  6. Sankt Michael

    Suggestion: make ladies read only access on other boards

    I don`t think Serie A1 is a woman. At least, he was posting way before the ladies forum.
  7. Sankt Michael

    Video games

    The Game is not that complicated, just hard to use and without a proper tutorial. I can highly recommend it even though many quality of life features of modern Paradox Games are missing. If you want to start fresh I would suggest you watch the start of a LetsPlay series on yt to get the gist of...
  8. Sankt Michael

    What convinced you Satan is real?

    This yt video, heh.
  9. Sankt Michael

    Sport leagues and players fighting 'systematic racism'

    I never liked watching sportsball or was interested in it, I don't now why. But I remember trying to get into football/soccer as a teen, so I would have had more to talk with my friends and peers. Luckily it din`t work. It is just boring to me. The last game I saw aired at the World Cup 2018...
  10. Sankt Michael

    Complaints of Donald Trump thread

    I remember reading a thread on here, about how to make money with programming/CS skills while working alone and from home. The OP was explaining his strategy, which was basically to build a framework that uses content from other people to generate added value for the users. For example a...
  11. Sankt Michael

    The Richard Spencer and alt-right thread

    For the longest time I had a negative opinion about Spencer, mainly influenced by Nick Fuentes. Then I started listening to the McSpencer Group through Keith Woods and I was surprised that he has a really good grasp on things and the big picture. Still you notice clearly that he is a very...
  12. Sankt Michael

    Is Greta Thunberg being abused by her globalist handlers?

    For someone from Germany it is not hard to see. The girl was all over the news and given every platform before Corona hit. :boring:
  13. Sankt Michael

    Is Greta Thunberg being abused by her globalist handlers?

    The second girl to the left is Luise Neubauer, the "leader" of Fridays for Future in Germany. I guess they are just leading her through Berlin.
  14. Sankt Michael

    Using Christ to overcome the sexual past of a potential wife

    @MovingForward2050 One thing that stuck out for me, is that you told her you would forgive her for one time cheating. Even if that would be true I would not say it to her. @Leonard D Neubache once made a great post where he outlined, in my opinion, the correct answer for such a question. In the...
  15. Sankt Michael

    Using Christ to overcome the sexual past of a potential wife

    She has more red flags than a communist rally.
  16. Sankt Michael

    The incest agenda

    The green party in Germany also has history with pedophiles. In the early phase of the party there was a stream of pederasty and phedophila proponents. Here is a link to the gist of it, sadly only in German. A part of the sexual liberation people tried to liberate the sexuality of children too...
  17. Sankt Michael

    Corona as catalyst for a #GreatAwakening and Victory for QAnon & Patriots (white pill thread)

    Here you go, there are more posts concerning the papacy in the below thread:
  18. Sankt Michael


    In recent months I often heard of the usage of Adrenochrome by the elites on this forum and other places. The theory suggests that Adrenochrome can be used to rejuvenate the body and can trigger reactions in the brain. Some go as far as to suggest that it is used to commune with spirits...
  19. Sankt Michael

    Is homeopathy real?

    When I was litte I often would become sick on long car drives. Eventually my mother gave me homeopathic pills and I never had to puke again. But I didn`t knew they were homeopathic. Then in eight grade I did a presentation about homeopathy and came to the conclusion that it is bullshit and the...
  20. Sankt Michael

    Doubts about SSPX

    That is the same book which I have bought from him and let it ship to Germany for 60 $. I only knew about Jay from his yt channel, and I expected his analysis would be more like The Vigilant Citizen. In reality he really tackled "esoteric" topics, for which I had no real context, so I got bored...