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  1. CynicalContrarian

    The L.A. riots - as witnessed by Tex Arcane.

    Who is Tex Arcane? An American ( Cleveland Blakemore ) who moved to Australia after living through the L.A. riots. Think one half Alex Jones, one half Leonard D Neubache. He ran the now defunct 'Vault-Co' blog for many years :
  2. CynicalContrarian

    The Honk pill (Clown World)

    Well. If there's anyone who should start this thread, it may as well be me. Clown World. Recognizing the ridiculousness & retardartion of the modern world. Especially the highly politically correct, modern world. Yet simply sitting back on the sidelines, while pointing &...
  3. CynicalContrarian

    Blue pill, red pill, purple pill, black pill &... woke pill ?

    I suppose the benefit to society is that his chances of breeding are greatly diminished...? Disclaimer. For thread brevity, best not to quote this first post. Simply say "Re:" or "In reference to".
  4. CynicalContrarian

    Boycott Brie Larson's, Marvel's MCU film - Captain Marvel.

    Like most of y'all really needed any extra incentive. :cool: From Instapundit : BRIE LARSON MAKES A SMALL CONTRIBUTION TO THE TRUMP 2020 CAMPAIGN: In a piece titled, “Brie Larson Promises ‘I Do Not Hate White Dudes,’ But Laments Lack of Inclusion Among Film Critics,” the future Captain...
  5. CynicalContrarian

    One less globalist - Barbara Bush - dead.

    As an individual who does not bow down to any mere glorified walking meatbag. I shall not shed a tear. Especially for the globalist crowd.
  6. CynicalContrarian

    Marvel announces plans for a stand-alone Black Widow movie.

    :banana: Voxday - "...consequences of corporate convergence." Who did Scarlett suck off to ensure this one? :rolleyes: ‘Black Widow': Blacklist Alum Jac Schaeffer to Write Marvel Movie Marvel Studios has picked Blacklist Screenwriter Jac Schaeffer to write “Black Widow,” the first...
  7. CynicalContrarian

    Academic asexual application adversity - Breitbart

    Study: More Men Hired in Gender-Blind Job Application Process An initiative by the leaders of Australian Public Service to promote gender equality through blind recruitment efforts has...
  8. CynicalContrarian

    For the Australians - Mark Latham now on Rebel Media.

    Published on Jun 7, 2017 Australia's most controversial man is partnering with The Rebel to give Australians the other side of the story. Mark Latham was kicked off the politically correct mainstream media but that didn't stop him from telling the truth about Australia's future.
  9. CynicalContrarian

    Jamie Kilstein, male feminist extraordinaire, now vilified on mass as "abusive".

    If you don't know who Jamie Kilstein is, that's fine. He's not really important. Just a devout male feminist who was part of the 'Citizen Radio' podcast & part-time comedian. Although an ardent & particularly SJW podcaster & comedian. Well, turns out according to several feminist chicks...
  10. CynicalContrarian

    A final warning from George Orwell.

    While it could be said our world didn't become a carbon copy of '1984'. That it is more a 1984, Brave New World, Brazil, Idiocracy mix. A rather sobering message from Orwell. Whether he was simply wise enough to see humanity for what it is. Or whether he was privy to hidden information.
  11. CynicalContrarian

    Huffington Post: Muslims are the True Feminists

    Huffington Post: Muslims are the True Feminists This writer may just deserve a mental gymnastics award. Also ties into AnonymousBosch's notions of the next round of 'Puritans' being insecure...
  12. CynicalContrarian

    50 sexy girls to watch out for in 2016

    50 sexy girls to watch out for in 2016 Hannah Davis, Sahara Ray, Samantha Hoopes & Mia Kang. The joke of it is. I got the link for that page from a newspaper website replete with articles...
  13. CynicalContrarian

    IVF treatment an expensive con... nah, couldn't be.

    In the business of hope: Does IVF offer couples false sense of security? “I REALLY felt in my core that a mother was what...
  14. CynicalContrarian

    When Your Fat Pic Goes Viral

    Remember this? : Turns out she recently found out herself : When Your Fat Pic Goes Viral as a Feminist Cautionary Tale I had just finished Christmas dinner with my family when I got the call...
  15. CynicalContrarian

    Atoms vs... ether?

    To keep it short & brief. We all "know" the physical universe is comprised of atoms, neutrons, electrons, energy waves, light / radiation & so forth. (Although it may just be one highly advanced virtual 3D simulation.) Yet, whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist...
  16. CynicalContrarian

    About that Amber Rose Slut Walk (TW upon TW).

    So Nero was kicked out of the #AmberRoseSlutWalk : @Nero LAPD just ejected me and @lauren_southern from the #AmberRoseSlutWalk. Calls of "Thanks for taking out the trash!" Breitbart now has an article on the subject : Breitbart Editor Ejected From Amber Rose Slut Walk By Police...