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  1. Aurini

    2020 United States Election Results

    Presidents are figureheads, nothing like the CEO of a corporation. The Civil Service runs the government. Trump's a problem because he's not a figurehead; he's supposed to be easing people in to the Gates/Soros Agenda 2030 New Normal. Instead, he's a ghost from the 1990s making people...
  2. Aurini

    Relocation thread. Aid and alliance requests.

    I've got a room to rent in Calgary, Alberta.
  3. Aurini

    Wearing a Trump 2020 Facemask (or something similar) in blue cities

    It's bait. Don't give into it.
  4. Aurini

    Never contact people from your past

    We are the stories that we consume, and the most common story of our era is the SitCom. What is the nature of the SitCom? That friendship is permanent, while lovers are temporary. This is the opposite of the truth. There's something naturally balancing about the male/female dynamic. Even if...
  5. Aurini

    Buying Glasses Online

    I bought from Zenni, don't have any issue with the product, though they've come out as a woke company since then, so - meh. I will tell you that, with my prescription, I still paid several hundred dollars for them - the frames are cheap, but the glass technology costs what it costs, no matter...
  6. Aurini

    Becoming disillusioned with the Church. I want to avoid losing my faith.

    I feel you, Rob. I have no particularly wise words for you. Just - soldier on. Accept this as another cross to bear. Stick with the Catholic Church. You chose it for a reason, don't switch horses in the middle of the race. It feels like a spirit of babble has descended upon us. Cling to that...
  7. Aurini

    Yuri Bezmenov - real or fake?

    Is it really such a stretch to believe that the KGB and CIA thought they were fighting each other, but the same organization was encouraging them both? You don't need a formal conspiracy when both sides agree on metaphysical fundamentals.
  8. Aurini

    Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal: real or exaggerated?

    "Hofstra University researcher Charol Shakeshaft looked into the problem, and the first thing that came to her mind when Education Week reported on the study were the daily headlines about the Catholic Church. “[T]hink the Catholic Church has a problem?” she said. “The physical sexual abuse of...
  9. Aurini

    Doubts about SSPX

    Rob, a friend asks: you have been told to pray the Renunciation and Affirmation Prayer repeatedly, yet constantly evade the subject when asked if you've prayed it. There are three numbered questions here. 1. Are you physically-unable to say it? As in, you can't either approach saying the...
  10. Aurini

    Pope Francis

    "What if this?" and "What if that?" "If the Pope is doing such and such, Catholics should be alarmed..." ad nauseum. Usually bolstered by foul language (whore, cuck) which is unfitting for adult discourse regarding a revered figure. None of us know. I'm sure you can post a dozen links to odd...
  11. Aurini

    Doubts about SSPX

    I once heard the metaphor that "God's work is the opposite of a genie"; in that, the genie grants your wishes in a literal form, but twists the meaning behind them, creating tragedy. With God, He gives you what you actually need, even if what you're praying for isn't quite that. Or, as the...
  12. Aurini

    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

    Aaaand it's gone. Bitchute link.
  13. Aurini

    Airbnb goes SJW full retard

    AirBnB is going to be destroyed by this. First - downtick in tourism. Second - the hotels are going to be going after them aggressively, because of said downtick (and they've got more sway with local governments). Third - people are looking for someone to lash out at, and AirBnB increases...
  14. Aurini

    College girls mad over porn tab on zoom simply because it mentions "College girls"

    RE: College girls mad over porn tab on zoom simply because it mentions "College g... Do you think any of those women were raised by decent men?
  15. Aurini

    Single women in their 30s/40s are starting to realize they will die alone

    Hoodwinking us into spending all the wealth of our twenties going to the club, having avocado burgers, and leasing hatchbacks, was a short-term boon to the economy - but we're sure as heck paying for it now, aren't we? They mortgaged our future for an immediate relief from economic stress...
  16. Aurini

    The God pill

    Keep in mind that it's not outside the realm of possibility that the demons are actively interfering. Do the thoughts come in the second person? "You're just talking to yourself!" They love to instill doubt with endless questions - not the sort of questions which pursue a line of reason...
  17. Aurini

    Video games

  18. Aurini

    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III

    I might write an article going into detail about why those bullet points are anti-Christ, but for now: "No humiliating decrees of war guilt..." Humiliation is a good that leads to humility. "A democratically controlled bank... not [evil like private banks]" Private banks can fail if...
  19. Aurini

    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    You seem to be promoting a lot of things that would ostracize the person who embraced them. It sounds like something an internet cartoonist would have an "Alex Jones Conspiracy Theorist" say. I doubt they'll be effective in affirming anything other than their opposite.
  20. Aurini

    Germany's Demographic Demise? - you tube channel trying to debunk this myth?

    Streets awash in blood, while the proto-Communists ruled, murdering Christians and nobility; an early version of Pol Pot and China's Cultural Revolution.