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  1. Blade Runner

    What's the oldest age a woman can be for you to seriously consider pursuing a relationship?

    This came up in a discussion with a savvy forum member, with a few extra details. Let's say for a general guideline, you are in the age bracket 30-45.
  2. Blade Runner

    Will expanded voting by mail occur for the 2020 elections?

    Will the current push for expanded voting (differing from the historic norms) be ultimately successful in 2020?
  3. Blade Runner

    International travel in light of the coronavirus

    I had hinted at a dedicated thread as an offshoot from Coronavirus Economic, Cultural, Political Ramifications to specifically discuss the ability to travel, what may be newly required by countries of origin or destination, the economic costs and degree to which travel volume changes, and the...
  4. Blade Runner

    Will there be a binding legal decision against indefinite lockdowns?

    I am wondering your take on the success of legal challenges to unlimited discretion or authority of any given civil authority or central power (for example a state governor). Will these eventually be successful? An alternative or natural direction the topic might go would be, "Does it matter?"