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  1. Tom Slick

    Million MAGA March Meetup in Washington DC

    He also fought with cops and was initially charged for assaulting one of them. Not the actual legal charges, but for actual attempted murder, grievous bodily harm, and assaulting a police he gets 18 months. Amazing. The Proud Boys at the event later that year who defended themselves from an...
  2. Tom Slick

    New rules about black pill and emotional posting

    This is a good rule to follow. I should take the time to process my thoughts and express something hopeful and constructive.
  3. Tom Slick

    Father Josiah Trenham is a pillar of Orthodoxy

    Just got it. Looking forward to it since I've been listening to Father Trenham since around February on his YT channel. One of our parish was in southern California over the summer and drove almost two hours one way to be in Father Trenham's church. He said it was worth it.
  4. Tom Slick

    Photo of Elder Ephraim of Saint Anthony's Monastery is Weeping

    It appears one of Elder Ephraim's photographs is weeping and that he also "spoke" or communicated spiritually according to a post on Instagram in Greek from here, then translated and duplicated in English here, where she said this: Here are the pics for anyone not using IG.
  5. Tom Slick

    The Movie Thread

    Leonard Maltin's review: Exceptional film relating real-life relationship between Chicago Bears football players Brian Piccolo (Caan) and Gale Sayers (Williams), and tragedy which affects entire team when Piccolo develops cancer. Outstanding teleplay by William Blinn from Sayers' I Am Third...
  6. Tom Slick

    My 2020 road trip

    I saw the same in Georgia and South Carolina from my travels.
  7. Tom Slick

    My 2020 road trip

    Mountain man Roosh couldn't pitch a tent, but now he's building decks. What's next, skinning bucks and running trotlines?
  8. Tom Slick

    Encounter with an oppressed minority

    Since you didn't feel safe talking to him, pray to Jesus and Mary every day for a week to help him. You gotta trust your instincts, but a person like that is probably looking for a little human contact, a short convo, a God Bless You.
  9. Tom Slick

    Camping recommendations for American Northeast

    One pair of merino wool socks for camping is a good investment at $14-30. It is a significant comfort improvement, and if your feet get wet, merino wool will remain relatively comfortable and can easily dry overnight with hand-wringing following a rain or hand washing on the trail. Most socks...
  10. Tom Slick

    Camping recommendations for American Northeast

    Natural soaps (non-detergent) are becoming more common and there are many brands that are safe for wool and camping that are not expensive. Not sure what the standard is for "biodegradable" other than the price.
  11. Tom Slick

    Camping recommendations for American Northeast

    As a couple of others have mentioned, Blue Ridge Parkway is great. You can pick it up in Asheville and then drive a gorgeous road 400 miles north into Waynesboro, Virginia, and then get on the Skyline Drive toll road all the way into Front Royal, VA near DC. These gorgeous, two-lane roads with...
  12. Tom Slick

    Coronavirus Lounge thread

    Maybe they want house call abortions? Reminds me of one of those horribly demoralizing Mike Leigh films, "Vera Drake" (2004), where a charwoman runs around doing house call abortions with an enema bottle (no symbolism here) and, when she is arrested (those were the days!), the film shows how...
  13. Tom Slick

    Riots Lounge thread

  14. Tom Slick

    Riots Lounge thread

  15. Tom Slick

    Reports from affected cities

    In Dallas, a 50 y.o. statue of state police Texas Ranger was removed from Love Field airport. Because [insert anti-white myth here].
  16. Tom Slick

    Race riots 2020

    Hennepin County Medical Examiner's autopsy report was released yesterday. Toxicology and injury page Neck and other injury detail Full report Floyd was an ex-felon after years in Texas prison for a home burglary where he pointed a gun at a pregnant woman to force her to hand over...
  17. Tom Slick

    Reports from affected cities

    @ pitbullowner It remains to be seen if the Dallas County D.A. will prosecute the rioters. He is one of those who declared no prosecution for thefts up to several hundred dollars.
  18. Tom Slick

    Reports from affected cities

    Dallas downtown and surrounding under 7PM - 6AM curfew since May 31. Here's a text file full of twitter links to the Dallas riots, mostly from Schaffer last Thursday and Friday.
  19. Tom Slick

    Reports from affected cities

    In Dallas, the best coverage of the first two nights of the riots last Thursday (May 29) and Friday (May 30) night was provided by Elijah Schaffer on twitter and his Slightly Offensive YT channel, where he made a good summary video of those two nights. He released the video of the white man...
  20. Tom Slick

    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

    RE: Skeptics of Coronovirus thread To answer my own question from yesterday about why China allowed most things to go back to normal so quickly in Guangzhou, Guangdong, I just posted in the Corona III thread about effective treatment with anti-virals that referenced Guangdong province...