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  1. Enhanced Eddie

    Suggestion: make ladies read only access on other boards

    We love our ladies. Aren't they the greatest? The ladies are great. :like: That said, they just joined here and they're already starting to criticize political posts. :dislike: Not even political really... just some humor that isn't PC. I suggest making all ladies accounts read-only access...
  2. Enhanced Eddie

    Official Corona WHITE PILL Thread

    This thread is for positive developments that suggest the hoax is FAILING... people are waking up... important leaders are successfully pushing back... we're going back to OLD NORMAL and fuck the new normal. (The poll is just added for fun) White Pill #1: Bolsonaro giving the finger x 2 to the...
  3. Enhanced Eddie

    Who's in Serbia?

    Anyone around? Reply here or send PM. Cheers!
  4. Enhanced Eddie

    South East Asia

    I travel a lot around SEA, and have my home here. Have met about two dozen guys off of RVF and had good times. Always good to meet like minded people. PM for my current location if you're in the area. Eddie
  5. Enhanced Eddie

    Corona as catalyst for a #GreatAwakening and Victory for QAnon & Patriots (white pill thread)

    I was surprised that Roosh liked two of my posts about Q today (click 1, click 2) , because I know there's a lot of skepticism when it comes to that topic. I was more than skeptical myself and in fact dismissed it completely as a likely psy-op until about 6 weeks ago. Then a video by Amazing...
  6. Enhanced Eddie

    German Corona Red Pills

    In this plandemic, German alt media was far ahead of American alt media for once, so it's worth starting a thread about what they're sharing... especially since a number of members here speak German, and probably thousands of lurkers do too. I first heard German alt media pundits say that corona...
  7. Enhanced Eddie

    Will the coronavirus vaccine be safe?

    Based on all we know about this pandemic, which are you more worried about - the virus or the vaccine?
  8. Enhanced Eddie

    What's the best red pill to give someone right after he realizes feminism is a scam?

    So I just managed to red pill a friend of mine on feminism. He has the same background many of us do... travel and womanizing, and he always thought feminism is great because it liberated women and thus gave us all a better sex life. Now it finally happened to him and he ran into a girl who's...
  9. Enhanced Eddie

    @banned member pussy sniffer

    I have a question for you - if you read this message, please find a way to reach me. Thanks, EE
  10. Enhanced Eddie

    Easy way to send confidential information online (e.g. for RVF meetups)

    A little while back I discovered a tool called privnote. It allows you to send a confidential message to someone, which will then self destruct, like in that old 80s show "Mission Impossible." It's quite useful in many contexts... I've...