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  1. DareP

    Roosh: Why Workout?

    Yeah ... I'm a little taken aback by the aggression. Writing those 3 posts must have taken a good 15 minutes, so quite a lot of effort went into it. Maybe using his name in the post was viewed as an attack, when I really was just asking a genuine question. Silly or not, we're all here to...
  2. DareP

    Opening A Hostel Abroad

    Hosteling International I talk to hostel owners when I travel. I love asking them about how they built their business. Generally it seems to take about two to four years to get initial traction. You need to build up your Hostel World rankings, to get the word of mouth out and to really get your...
  3. DareP

    The NoPorn / NoFap Thread - For Those Who're Serious

    Hey Peeps, There have been several threads about the effects of porn and quitting porn over the last few days. I'm current on Day 8 of no porn, no masturbation. The goal is to build real desire for women, to project more sexuality and to see women more three dimentionally. There are a lot...
  4. DareP

    Roosh: Why Workout?

    Nope. If I had firmly concluded it couldn't help me, I wouldn't be asking. The point of asking was to clarify how and whether it could, aside from game. (Or, help game in ways in addition to looks.) I think that's a pretty bad line of reasoning. Why not read poetry daily? Why not learn to...
  5. DareP

    Roosh: Why Workout?

    Hey Roosh (and forum peeps!) I notice you recommend working out in many of your posts. I'm curious what impact it's had on your life? Personally, I've never really worked out. I'm a naturally skinny guy, tiny bit of a belly. I pull semi-regularly and have decent game. I don't see my body...
  6. DareP

    What do you study?

    Haha, that's a classic. Read "Soros: The World's Greatest Investor." A fantastic outlook on how you can turn familiarity with economics into $$$.
  7. DareP

    What are your favorite sites for interesting articles?

    I listen to Mixergy religiously. For anyone who's business or entrepreneurially minded, it's a fantastic resource.
  8. DareP

    Student jailed for drug suspicion, then forgotten about.

    I think he was supposed to get out anyway ;) But, four days of suffering for $20 million dollars ... I'd take that trade any day.
  9. DareP

    Everyone should read this book

    Holy fuck Simon Black wrote a book? I personally don't agree with his view on the world. Very doom and gloom, governments are out to get you kind of thing. That said, he's a financial and economical genius. I've read quite a bit of his stuff and can definitely recommend him as well.
  10. DareP

    Assaulted girlfriend

    Watch this before deciding to get involved with a situation like this in a 3rd world country.
  11. DareP


    You're not doing something illegal. Selling bitcoins is like selling gold. You're selling something that other people can use to buy things with. It's not your business what they use the gold (or bitcoins) for. Selling bitcoins is not illegal. I wouldn't do anything in a non-public place. Meet...
  12. DareP


    By the way, here's a random business idea I had that I'll never act on, but you could. Be an in person bitcoin dealer. Bitcoin is often used to buy illegal stuff online, but is itself not illegal. Though bitcoin is supposed to be a 100% anonymous currency, the reality is whenever you make a...
  13. DareP


    There was actually a girl interviewed on NPR's "Planet Money" a few weeks ago that did just this. She basically went from foreclosed homes to foreclosed homes and picked up free junk that banks or home investors didn't want and pawned it on Craigslist. She kept it up until she had enough to buy...
  14. DareP

    Everyone should read this book

    Can you say a little more than just "read the book?" Amazon doesn't even really have a description.
  15. DareP

    Affiliate Marketing

    Cheers =) Yep - Working on it. That's the only site that superaffiliates hang out on. Keep in mind, there's quite a high degree of assholeism on that site. That said, you can't really expect super affiliates to share their secrets publicly can you :P There's a lot...
  16. DareP

    Question about my blog

    Not noticeably slower for me.
  17. DareP

    Affiliate Marketing

    I've made about $20,000 - $30,000 from affiliate marketing. My opinion - Don't do it. Put your energy and effort into creating a real business, a real asset rather than funneling traffic into someone else's business. That said, if you really want to get into it, get into CPA marketing. Don't do...
  18. DareP

    Like system experiment

    So what's the difference between a +rep and a +like?
  19. DareP

    144 Durex Condoms for $20

    It actually happened to me in the UK. I came here, when they asked how long I was staying and I said "three months," they freaked out and went all anti-terrorist on me. I didn't have a return ticket, since I only buy tickets 2-4 weeks before I leave. And I don't really have an employer, since...