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    Best Christian Country to expat to by/before 2024

    I have a similar goal as OP... When I was younger I admit I had a bit of a "grass is greener" mentality, searching far and wide to find some a country that could serve as a safe haven against the Clown World and cultural rot of the West. My conclusion is that on the one hand it's a myth (if...
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    The West is Dying. Time to Go East?

    I've lived in 10 countries throughout Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Living in a land of less intellect than you have grown up with can be an absolute punish. It sounds like I'm saying something critical and petty, until the fact sinks in that this will affect every...
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    The West is Dying. Time to Go East?

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    Banning of Simeon_strangelight

    This is a shame... his posts brought immense value... one of the GOATS of RVF... if he has a blog, youtube channel or a new place that he writes then please notify us here... God bless
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    Is Iceland the most degenerated country in Europe?

    What. The. Fuck. :mindblown3:
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    Why do so many white men prefer Asian women?

    Subversion via Nihilism. Thanks but no thanks :)
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    Women's notches - Where? When? How?

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    When did you realise you had to get serious about looking?

    Yes, I can totally relate to this, it mirrors my exact experience. Hedonism is all fun and games until there's serious consequences as a result. I've had multiple birds pull the pregnancy scare tactic on me. Each time it happened, I would ask myself truthfully if this woman had the qualities...
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    Accepting The Women The Market Offers Us

    Keep looking. It's a sunk cost but this is the single biggest decision of your life so you shouldn't settle for an option with red flags.
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    Wife hunting in Russia

    Thanks for your thread and intel OP. One thing I will mention - I disagree with you about the "split the bill" thing. The man pays. My first meeting is usually a walk in the park or a coffee. This is on purpose - the financial cost is almost zero and the more important factor is the...
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    Dating culture falls even further: Women think it's cool to be a childless cat lady

    Yep exactly, that further proves my point. If a government can successfully brainwash their people about natalism and the 6 gorillion, then in theory there's absolutely no reason why a Western nation can not replicate this exact same strategy and successfully educate their people about natalism...
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    Why do so many white men prefer Asian women?

    Preface - I have lived in EE, Latam and SEA. Hmmm 22 y/o might be a bit difficult, sure, but once a girl hits 25 in EE it's the equivalent of a girl hitting 35 in the Western countries, they get super clucky... I think it's realistic for a 40 y/o man to find a suitable 25 to 30 y/o EE woman...
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    Meet a girl & have kids in the next 12 months

    As OP addressed in his responses already he was not making a literal strict deadline. I don't think any thoughtful person would necessarily plan to "rush the decision", but rather OP wants to architect a strategy to put himself in the best possible position to make a successful family. Also...
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    Dating culture falls even further: Women think it's cool to be a childless cat lady

    In general yes... but it is certainly possible for a country to be rich and also have a high fertility rate. The model for western countries to follow is: Israel. Israel has a higher GDP per capita than France, UK and Japan and yet it also has a higher fertility rate than numerous Islamic...
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    Signs of Low Notch Count in a Woman

    Brilliant statement, and I agree. Those two things really are the two biggest signs of a low notch count.
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    Are American Women Really That Bad?

    :laugh7: :laugh4:
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    Why do so many white men prefer Asian women?

    OP, To answer your question, the reason is: Because Asian women are much more thin than Indigenous European women, in general & on average. Men are more attracted to thin, feminine, pleasant women than fat, entitled women... needless-to-say. Nothing more to say.
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    Major forum changes (September 2019)

    Damn, I missed the date to save my favourite threads before they were deleted forever :(
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    Does a Society Need Religion To Raise Good Women?

    +1 rep from me thanks for introducing me to these ideas. I am curious in learning more about this family honour (Izzat)... Could you expand on that? If you have any advice on how a father might teach lessons of Izzat to his family, it would be much appreciated.