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  1. Serie A1

    Is the Manosphere's Consensus Perception of Western (esp. American) Women Correct?

    Hey there Ladies, I hope that this post finds you all keeping well, and that you are finding this forum enriching. As you may be aware, there is a general consensus within the Manosphere that Western women – particularly those born and raised in the United States – are undesirable...
  2. Serie A1

    Inspiring Christians in Contemporary Public Life

    It seems that a lot of people on this forum are at a point in their lives when they are searching for some kind of deeper spiritual meaning. For many of us, this will mean attaining greater proximity to God and a deeper understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ. However, many Christians...
  3. Serie A1

    Has Hollywood Stopped Producing Sex Symbols – And If So, Why?

    As noted elsewhere on this forum, Hollywood – shorthand for the US cultural industries – has been losing market share to other countries' media complexes, notably South Korea, Turkey and India, particularly over the past decade or so. There are surely many reasons behind this trend. But one of...
  4. Serie A1

    Why the Hollywood media complex is losing influence worldwide (NYT)

    There's an excellent and thought-provoking NYT interview (15/11/2019) with the Pakistani author Fatima Bhutto on why the United States is losing cultural influence around the world – specifically, in the domains of film, music and TV drama – at the following URL, and reproduced in part below...
  5. Serie A1

    Pew Research: Just 12% of Married/CR Couples Met Via Online Dating! (US)

    Some intriguing findings from an October 2019 survey conducted among 4,860 U.S. adults: Only 30% of US adults have ever used a dating site or dating app; Just 12% of respondents stated that they have ever been (a) married or (b) in a committed relationship (vague definition much?) with someone...