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  1. LionHound

    The Joe Rogan thread

    One of the funniest things I've watched in a long time. Almost died of laughter when he lit up the cigar.
  2. LionHound

    Swedish Snus

    How does it compare to ? It started popping up at local convenience stores in my area about a year ago. I really like the cool mint 6mg and the cinnamon 6mg. This Svensktsnus stuff looks even better, more authentic. Only downside would be that it would have to...
  3. LionHound

    Post about a manly thing you did today

    Watched Jeopardy and a movie with my chronically ill mom. Nice to have at least one woman in your life you can do nice things with/for without losing hand.
  4. LionHound

    Best home defense weapon (excluding firearms)

    Brass knuckles. Knuckledusters. In case things get up close and personal, which, let's hope they don't. [attachment=39219] Maybe not the most practical but there is something about feeling the heft of 5.9 oz around your fingers and palm (the ones above pictured).
  5. LionHound

    Female CEO attacked in subway by "Asian" man, complains white men refused to help

    RE: Female CEO attacked in subway by "Asian" man, complains white men refuse... Agree 100%. That said I would probably intervene if it was a young girl/boy or elderly person of either sex. A middle aged white woman? Hell no. I have a family myself to take care of, not about to risk it all...
  6. LionHound

    Normal titties?

    Because it's not laminated.
  7. LionHound

    First word that comes to mind game

    Shaquille O'Neal
  8. LionHound

    Google's Front Page: #LoveLetters to Incarcerated Moms

    Or retarded and/or ugly. Know a fat, ugly chick who has been pulled over 8 times for speeding and finally, on the 8th time, was given a speeding ticket.
  9. LionHound

    Is it alpha to be beta in certain situations?

    I prefer to park my car on the side of the road rather than being a low-energy driveway cuck.
  10. LionHound

    Teacher's Aide Nicole Wilmott Bomb Threat

    They all knew she was a loony with no balls so why prosecute to the fullness extent of the law? Everyone knows that when women make such threats it is 99.9% of the time it is a cry for attention. Classic pussy pass. Judge ''Dick'' not living up to his name... In a sane society she would have...
  11. LionHound

    Naked Shooter Kills at Tennessee Waffle House

    You do realize those with hundreds of fb ''friends'' aren't really friends with all those people, right? People shoot out friend requests like a minigun in order to bolster their ''friend'' count. Means very little.
  12. LionHound

    Non tech remote part time jobs

    Could you pm me the name of this company?
  13. LionHound

    The Starbucks thread

    RE: Two black men arrested in Philadelphia Starbucks My line of thinking is that if the manager was following policy correctly, as in no loiters allowed, period. I heard she lost her job over this? Don't know if she quit or was terminated. If terminated she has a suit. As far as I know, at...
  14. LionHound

    The Starbucks thread

    RE: Two black men arrested in Philadelphia Starbucks Can anyone confirm that it is Starbucks policy (in Philly) to ask patrons to leave if they don't get a coffee or whatever? I've sat in a Starbucks with friends for an hour before anything was bought and not a peep from the employees.
  15. LionHound

    NYT Article: "What Sleeping With Married Men Taught Me About Infidelity"

    I love it when I run in to people who say they despise religion and then go on to talk about how hypocritical Christians are and how fake church goers are. Which, to be honest, yeah, sure they do have a small point. Once I really get them talking I'll slide the conversation over to other...
  16. LionHound

    $50k annual income from how much (and allocation) in investments?

    I work for a small company that recently began to offer a Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees of Small Employers(SIMPLE) retirement account through Vanguard? The company will contribute a matching contribution to my SIMPLE IRA equal to my salary reduction contributions up to a limit of...
  17. LionHound

    Black buying power to reach $1.5 trillion by 2019. Is it over for the white race?

    Yes!!!! This all ties into those articles I read years ago about how the future is black/brown. In 50 years we'll all be the color of coffee with creamer in it or darker, depending how neurotic we are about the sun and cancer! There were even photos of these glorious people! I, for one...
  18. LionHound

    Douglas High School shooting in Florida

    Great editing
  19. LionHound

    Anime, Kpop and mental illness: Is there a correlation? (bropsychologists needed)

    Short and sweet answer. I think we (humans in general) make life more complicated than it really is. Get the feeling that in these modern times with so much information at our fingertips we start to second guess every little thing. Easy to do, as some aspects of our existence have become...
  20. LionHound

    The Help-Me-Find-This-Thing Thread

    Thank you :worship: