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    Meme Analysis Thread

    Excellent Video on the current state of the Internet and its psychological implications: I will be posting more videos later.
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    A simple test for women's character

    HuMan gives his advice on how to test women as to how she will really be in a marriage: The Travel Test. A form of stress test that ensures that the mental and physical resources of both yourself and your woman gets stretched. And the resources subsequently to keep up a facade is stretched to...
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    Good Animation thread

    Armored Trooper Votoms: Armour Hunter Mellowlink:
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    Journalist Handbook on doxing anon users

    This came to my attention: Recommend you all read how they do it.
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    Men and Suicide

    A good video on suicide rates of Men: What are your thoughts on this societal problem?
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    European Paganism and their Modern Day LARPer's

    Paganism and the occult have been on the rebound in Europe: And I noted that as one of the sources in the Radix Journal on Karens: References this Author: An attempt to draw Men away from...
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    Twin Peaks and Hints at the Dark Underbelly of American Society

    THREAD: It talks about the Contagiousness of Sodomy. Of Magic and hints at Pizzagate that the TV series goes into. It also talks about the dangers of indulging in the Occult and how it opens one up to demonic possession.
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    Ancient/Medieval Music Thread ???-1700AD

    12th Century Sheet Music: Medieval Dance Music: Epic of Gilgamesh First few lines: German Medieval Music:
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    God's Judgment on the West

    This popped into my youtube feed: But what he describes is very accurate in regards to what is happening to us. When God chastises a Nation he begins 1st with "Moths and Rottenness" that is eating away of wealth and prosperity. Of our luxuries being ruined one by one(Going Woke?). And then...
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    Financial deplatforming thread

    The reason The reason we keep getting deplatormed isn't simply because organizations like Patreon and other payment processes are compromised. But also MasterCard is also financially deplatforming people:
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    Churchianity thread

    We all know that there is rot within the Church visible and evil is creeping into Christian Churches in all denominations and all sectors of society. Not only is the left ideology become more and more dominant in visible Church culture in BLM and the kneeling. But there is already a problem...
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    Gnosticism and its impact on Christianity

    Gnosticism summed up: The only thing that even remotely makes sense is their Marcionite sense of God. You know the usual atheist objection to God as cruel and capricious. Therefore concludes many of them. He is the Demiurge. So what is the deal with this sect? And why does its beliefs...
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    General Symbolism Observations in the Bible

    As I was reading the Holy Bible. I recognized some symbolic parallels. Moses pleading on Israel's behalf for their sins after the Golden Calf incident symbolizes Jesus the High Priest pleading on our behalf. God's designation of Israel as his "1st Born Son" who he called out of Egypt (Hosea...
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    (((Irish Conspiracy)))

    :laughter: :laughter: :laughter:
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    Christian Apologetics Thread

    I post all videos related to the channel Inspiring Philosophy and other videos related to Apologetics here: Evidence that supposed Polytheism as Scholar interpret it doesn't exist in the Bible: Evidence that the divine name YHWH suddenly appeared out of nowhere without any prior evolution...
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    Meta: Can good stories be based on the results of a wargaming session?

    I have a thought that I have been bouncing around my head. And would like your feedback on this. What if a bunch of players got together and did a wargaming session? Like the historic Kriegspiel: This has the benefit of no character actually having plot armor. But ensures that there is real...
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    PM problem

    Dear Sir: Had trouble with screenshot. When I tested Private Message. This window popped up: Oops! We ran into some problems. The following recipients could not be found: Rooshv.
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    The Virginia thread
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    Testosterone Crisis Thread (Why Frogs are turning gay and you are too) This video explains why men today are defeated weak and effeminate: It not only include plastics but also pesticides,makeup,birth control, paint, raincoats and adhesives Perfumes, water...
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    Near Death Experiences

    To start this thread off: Not all near death experiences fit the Christian worldview. Many of them involve a tunnel of light leading to paradise. And this one instance of an Atheist man being brought before a being of red light and 2 entities arguing. But others involves Hindus meeting...