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  1. Leonard D Neubache

    Good luck, and thanks for all the thumbs.

    I'll be brief and to the point. Three days ago I was provided with a powerful vision about a fork in the road for me from this point on. I woke to find I had received a (quite reasonable) 3 day suspension which has given me time to consider that vision. I'm not going to conflate a personal...
  2. Leonard D Neubache

    The war against Christianity.

    As with the Notre Dame, we will probably never be allowed to know what actually started this latest fire in a prestigious Church. Christians have been under siege in the Middle East for decades...
  3. Leonard D Neubache

    Relocation thread. Aid and alliance requests.

    The purpose of this thread is simple. People in dangerous and politically unreliable areas are increasingly going to look to leave those locations but not everyone has the means to make the transition to another location easily. If you're looking to move to another location and you're seeking...
  4. Leonard D Neubache

    The globohomo narrative-slip white pill thread.

    So I wanted to start a catch-all thread where we could post stuff that betrays the reality of the public mood as compared to the deep-state narrative they peddle to demoralize us. Here are some examples...
  5. Leonard D Neubache

    Western Rifle Shooters Wordpress snuffed amid race riots.

    I suppose I could have slotted this in on another thread but the owner of the blog was a very longstanding contributor to the anti-communist militia scene who put up with a lot of garbage in his comments sections attempting to herd the usual cats. He also pinged Roosh a couple of times and so...
  6. Leonard D Neubache

    The carnivore diet thread

    So I'm sure that forum member Michael Witcoff has gotten sick of us hijacking his plant-based diet thread. Due to the fact that the only other carnivore diet specific thread bears the name and unholy utterings of the heretic Jordan Peterson as well as imagery of his vile seductress of a daughter...
  7. Leonard D Neubache

    Active Self Protection master thread (prompted by Texas Church Shooting)

    An incredible one shot stop on a moving target from a considerable distance ends what would have been a far worse tragedy. One man other than the attacker was killed and another is in hospital. It's hard not to see God's hand in the way this was ended so swiftly. Anyway, this Youtuber's...
  8. Leonard D Neubache

    Could big pharma have opened a pathway to medicated possession?

    Odd title for a thread but bear with me. I recently recalled the events surrounding two murders potentially attributed to the sleeping medicine Zolpidem. Two people in separate incidents killed their spouse while in a trance like state resulting at least in chief from the use of this sleeping...
  9. Leonard D Neubache

    The PapayaTapper appreciation thread

    I was surprised not to find a PPT appreciation thread via a quick search. This guy is one of the forum's greatest assets and we're lucky to have him. He gives excellent advice to anyone who will ask and listen. He never assumes someone to be beneath his attention (until they prove that to be...
  10. Leonard D Neubache

    President Roosh V State-Sponsored Foreign Girlfriend thought experiment

    In celebration of this article being linked to in one of my favorite blogs I thought it would be fun to mess around with the idea of Roosh's State-Sponsored Foreign Girlfriend policy. According to the policy...
  11. Leonard D Neubache

    Sign language for fun, education and game (warning: .gif heavy)

    First up I wanted to thank Disco_Volante for reminding me about this with his revelation in the EElounge about chicks with hearing impairments. I'm a guy who likes my quiet time and in this noisy era of hustle and bustle I've always thought that sign language was kind of cool. Not only that...
  12. Leonard D Neubache

    The RVF worst-case-scenario survival/preparedness thread.

    As per the request of a member on the periphery of the yellow vest movement. From prolonged government shut-downs and possible French bank runs to level 99 solar flares and Yellowstone eruptions, this is the thread to discuss planning and preparations for short and long term catastrophes both...
  13. Leonard D Neubache

    What would an intellectually healthy school curriculum look like?

    It's hardly deniable that modern public schooling is a tool to brainwash children, keep them busy and circumvent the possibility that they could learn to think independently much less unravel the greater truths that surround our societies. To a lesser extent this is also true of private schools...
  14. Leonard D Neubache

    News: Random pedestrian selflessly gives life to forward science of autonomous cars.

    You might think the thread title is a bit much, but that's honestly the tone of this article. Apt, that the death of this woman was treated pretty much like a speedbump on the road to progress.
  15. Leonard D Neubache

    Philly Eagles win Superbowl. Locals celebrate by destroying city.

    Philly police scanner TFW you're supposed to be in a first world nation but you're greasing streetlight poles to stop idiots climbing on them and ending up in wheelchairs.
  16. Leonard D Neubache

    Can a race, religion, nation or political structure be inclusive AND survivable?

    I'm making this thread because the topic is stinking up the Trump thread but it's still a bit beyond the Politics and War lounge. The me preface the rest of this by saying this thread is not an invitation to shit on anyone's race, religion, country or political affiliations. Please keep the...
  17. Leonard D Neubache

    Destroy All Soyfags. Taking the meme war to a more visceral and combative place.

    I contend that we have reached peak meme. Pushing our youthful movement forward simply with meme warfare would be like trying to win a race without shifting past first gear. Various pundits have referred to our struggle as World War T and I'm inclined to agree. Pantywaist faggotry is a...
  18. Leonard D Neubache

    Largest tech blunder in history? Swedish governement exposes every citizens info.
  19. Leonard D Neubache

    Vice: The Birth of Canada's Armed, Anti-Islamic 'Patriot' Group

    The Vice article will be faithfully reproduced here so that the only click they get is mine. TL-DR A patriot militia group has gotten started in Canuckistan, causing the usual panties to bunch. I would be glad to see more of this in the future. Images have been cut and will be posted after the...
  20. Leonard D Neubache

    Official Jean Valjean timeline thread.

    After having trouble keeping up with all the amazing details of this incredible life lived I thought it would be great if we could create a sort of living timeline to recreate this treasured member's rich and storied history. Here are the rules of the game. Follow the basic structure I provide...