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  1. Emperor Constantine

    Nihilism by Father Seraphim Rose

    People usually wait to use "St. so-and-so" as a title until after canonization, but they'll say "So-and-so was a saint." Similarly, a saint's icon usually gets painted without a halo until canonization. But I don't think these are hard and fast rules, since people break them all the time. For...
  2. Emperor Constantine

    Nihilism by Father Seraphim Rose

    A saint is a holy person (Orthodox Church Terms). The OCA also has a good article on the subject here: "Canonization does not make a man a saint. Rather, it establishes the fact, publically and for all to see, that the man is already a saint." As in the definition you provided, canonization...
  3. Emperor Constantine

    Fathers of promiscuous women

    Yeah, it's not safe to assume a Christian school will keep your kids on the straight and narrow. My hometown had several Roman Catholic schools, one Baptist, and one Episcopalian. And kids at all of them were already smoking pot and having sex by 8th grade. I think on average they were better...
  4. Emperor Constantine

    Your Daily White Pill

    An excellent reminder. It's so easy to get caught up in what's going wrong. While I don't think much about what might get better in the future, I spend a lot of time reading about what went wrong in the past, and it gives a whole lot of perspective about current events. People love to idolize...
  5. Emperor Constantine

    Nihilism by Father Seraphim Rose

    I have a small disagreement, but I think it's important: Fr. Seraphim Rose isn't a candidate for sainthood. He is a saint who is a candidate for canonization. I can't remember which book it was in, but he believed that Tsarist Russia was the last holdout against the antichrist. When Tsar...
  6. Emperor Constantine

    Jerry Falwell Jr. to Take ‘Leave of Absence’ from Role at Liberty University

    A few years back I decided to get a bachelor's degree in Biblical and Theological Studies from Liberty. The mandatory first class, "Intro to Online Learning" was not only pointless, but also filled with SJW diversity propaganda. Needless to say, that was my last class with Liberty. It comes as...
  7. Emperor Constantine


    Earlier this year I made it 12 full days before deciding to eat again on the 13th. After day 3 I got steadily less hungry. I got cold easily, and I could not squat heavy after day 4 without getting dizzy. Also at Judo my sensei told me my reaction times were off and restricted me to ground work...
  8. Emperor Constantine

    The Orthodox Church

    It's common knowledge; you can ask a Roman Catholic if you're unsure. I should give a caveat, though: I'm using Orthodox terms. In 1 Corinthians 10-12, St. Paul explains that the Church is the body of Christ, because we commune with his flesh and blood, and that all the baptized participate in...
  9. Emperor Constantine

    Pope Francis is destroying the Catholic Church

    The truth, in this case, is the exact opposite. When the Gregorian reforms in the 11th demanded that priests to divorce their wives, there was a huge pushback against it. And as soon as clerical marriage was stamped out, clerical concubinage became such a common phenomena that later councils had...
  10. Emperor Constantine

    Video Of The Russian's Building Their Cathedral

    Oh, we're capable. And we still do, from time to time. On a trip to Baton Rouge last year, I visited a Roman Catholic parish that had previously been the second-ugliest church building I've set foot in; spirit of Vatican II architecture with the altar off to the side, a bizarre pew layout...
  11. Emperor Constantine

    Solzhenitsyn Correctly Predicted the Decadent Collapse of America 40 Years Ago

    Solzhenitsyn was a prophet. He's had more influence on my life than any other author I've read, and it's difficult for me to not quote him in every conversation I enter. I only wish he could have seen the good in the West the same way he could see the good in Russia, even under the Soviet yoke...
  12. Emperor Constantine

    What Christians can do as America falls apart

    I'd add a lesson from Solzhenitsyn: tell the truth. In The Gulag Archipelago, he pointed out that the Soviet empire was based on lies: if enough people steadfastly told the truth, like St. Tikhon did, the whole masquerade would collapse. But people kept silent, to protect their jobs and their...
  13. Emperor Constantine

    The Poetry Thread

    I'm into the weeds now reading John Donne; he's hilarous. And definitely not a prude. Stellar recommendation, @EndlessGravity!
  14. Emperor Constantine

    Pope Francis is destroying the Catholic Church

    They can't, at least not according to the canons and dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church today. The canon law promulgated at the 7 Ecumenical Councils (still used by the Orthodox Church), allowed for any bishop to be deposed for heresy. Post-schism, at Constance, the Roman Church defined the...
  15. Emperor Constantine

    86% of Air Force pilots are white men

    Frame 1: White men are disproportionately likely to put their lives at risk for the sake of others. Frame 2: Too many white men are good at something I'd rather someone of any other race do. It's very difficult for good officers to make it past O4. Their advancement system depends so heavily...
  16. Emperor Constantine

    The Poetry Thread

    Twas Christ the Word that spake it, The same took bread and break it, And as the Word did make it, So I believe and take it. - Queen Elizabeth I, when questioned about the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist
  17. Emperor Constantine

    Orthodox Conversion

    Recently, one of my coworkers engaged me in an angry rant about my invovlement in organized religion, and I couldn't help laughing at his assumption that the Orthodox Church is an organized religion. Someone at my first parish told me, "you'll know you're Orthodox when you can recite Psalm 50...
  18. Emperor Constantine

    Father Josiah Trenham is a pillar of Orthodoxy

    St. Paul is entirely correct here, and this is one of the reasons that Fr. Josiah has short hair. Long hair, in the Biblical sense, goes all the way down to the waist. Shoulder length hair, like Fr. Josiah's, is short. I see no reason to judge him by post-WW2 American standards for hair...
  19. Emperor Constantine

    Controversial: Should We Tolerate Abortion?

    Fewer taxes and a higher ratio of whiteness hardly seem like good justifications for tolerating the wholesale slaughter of children. Abortion should be illegal, but we also shouldn't imagine that making it illegal will solve the underlying problem: the utter lack of respect for human life.
  20. Emperor Constantine

    German church opens doors for Muslims to pray during Corona pandemic

    I think it will. I don't want to sound especially doomer, but the poisonous attitudes of the Western world are spreading to the far corners of the globe. Look at the Anglicans - a century ago there was serious talk of reunion between Anglicans and the Orthodox. Our patriarchs recognized their...