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  1. Surreyman

    The Hidden Tribes of America

    This is very true. It's great that we're all plugged into this, and can see these things before they become mainstream, but it's important to unplug regularly and realise that most people have never heard of gender pronouns. As long as you stay out of downtown Toronto (or your local...
  2. Surreyman

    Mt Everest climbers are dying because of long lines

    It's such an utterly absurd situation. Try to explain this sight to the average Nepalese villager; that millionaires spend life-changing amounts of money to go up and down a mountain. I imagine their first question would be if this was some sort of religious penance/sacrifice.
  3. Surreyman

    The Starbucks thread

    RE: 2 black men arrested in Philadelphia Starbucks I go to Starbucks instead of Tim Hortons or McDonalds because I want to go somewhere that isn’t full of loiterers and homeless. Never in my life have I sat in any cafe without buying anything. I don’t know why you would expect to be allowed...
  4. Surreyman

    What's the most degenerate thing you've ever done?

    @Rush87 I love how you didn’t think to wedge the door open. Drunk logic.
  5. Surreyman

    Is South Africa on the path to becoming the next Zimbabwe?

    Seriously Merc, everybody likes Chinese food!
  6. Surreyman

    College Porn Star getting into a new field of screwing

    @Lanpwick My wife is Asian, but I’m willing to admit that there’s a huge number of dysfunctional White men who wife up Asian women. I think this is the real phenomenon here.
  7. Surreyman

    Move-on petition for third gender on dating apps

    I’ve gone beyond actively trying not to learn their terms, I have my own terms now. I just call them ‘genders’ or ‘those gender people’. It’s dismissive, and shows them for the opinionated pedants that they are.
  8. Surreyman

    What are some style status symbols for men?

    How old are you keepicity? I doubt many men over 25 use instagram.
  9. Surreyman

    Chick: I Tried Online Dating And No One Messaged Me Back

    Good post, glad to reread it. Honestly, women like this should be grateful that in this day and age they can get a man of average attractiveness, despite being grossly overweight and lacking charm. But she isn’t grateful, she demands male models...
  10. Surreyman

    Staten Island man dies after NYPD cop puts him on chokehold

    So tragic to lose father and daughter. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
  11. Surreyman

    The Beauty of Asian Girls - (NO Porn, NO Nudity)

    @yatagan White women have something against Asian women, without a doubt. It's a sort of jealousy/competitive thing.
  12. Surreyman

    The Elsagate thread

    The media is insanely late to this party.
  13. Surreyman

    Chinese guy films himself falling off a 62-story skyscraper

    I'm shocked that someone who does these stunts lacks the fitness to do 3 chin ups at any time of day, that lack of fitness just seems like an enourmous oversight.
  14. Surreyman

    The Elsagate thread

    I just can't believe the 'all about money' theory of why these videos were created. The content is unnecessarily dark, it must be intended to traumatize children. By the quantity of the videos, this is clearly the work of several groups, some of whom are collaborating. Since the English...
  15. Surreyman

    SJW Advertising

    This is exactly why despite trying to help black people and other minorities, SJWs are failing terribly. Their advice and assistance is total garbage. They just tell people to bitch and moan. The fact is that regardless of whether their motives are pure, white liberals are totally incapable of...
  16. Surreyman

    Giant Robot Built by Soyboys Fail

    Asians are so competitive. I love how even when born in the West, she still has to beat the white girls at being 'Toronto-ish', for lack of a better term.
  17. Surreyman

    Dutch man marries Malaysian daughter of a sultan

    Still though, there's got to be a lot of connections that can be leveraged to make some money here. On the other hand, not knowing any male models, I don't know what to expect character-wise.
  18. Surreyman

    Sperm count at lowest ever for Western Men

    I'd like to see your evidence that 1917 men drank less than today.
  19. Surreyman

    When calling customer support, I hang up if a female answers

    I notice a lot of Canadians are really not that good at understanding accents. I work construction here, and I'm English. We have a few Jamaicans on our crew, mostly tapers, also some painters. I can understand them perfectly, and they can understand me. When I talk to Canadians I have to...