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  1. Donfitz007

    General relationship questions and advice/Newbie friendly

    Hey I wanted to create a thread similar to the Newbie section. I feel like the forum has forgotten about the inexperienced guys, especially the ones genuinely looking for a relationship. I also made this for experienced guys who need help with their relationship. I want to save on Forum space...
  2. Donfitz007

    Stress relief

    So a couple days ago I bought some high quality stress relief pills. I think they’re called Zen and Mind from Wellpath. I heard pretty much nothing but good reviews about them. However it seems every time I take them, the stress gets worse and I find myself crying like a little bitch (1. I...
  3. Donfitz007

    Shooting in Birmingham Alabama mall and opinion on law enforcement

    Before I say this I would like to include: I support the Police almost 100%, especially in Birmingham because of the high crime rate. I lost multiple friends to gunfire and the police were the ones to bring the killers to justice. I'm also a full supporter of gun rights as like I said...
  4. Donfitz007

    Destruction of Masculinity thread

    I VERY hesitant to start this thread, as I didn't want to fill this forum with useless articles. However, I wanted to create a thread that could be used as a red pill for guys who believe their masculinity should be suppressed...