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    The Female Teacher-Male Student Caught Having Sex Thread

    Caged Heat in reverse?
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    I had BPPV years ago and the Epley maneuver fixed it. It took many attempts, but the Epley maneuver did finally cure me. What a relief -- BPPV is no fun.
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    Million MAGA March Meetup in Washington DC

    I cannot attend the rally, but I want to support the effort tomorrow with $1000. Roosh -- I'm in for a Gold membership plus $980. I don't know how to do Bitcoin, but I'm good for the balance to be spent as you see fit. Please advise as to preferred payment method. JayR.
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    2020 United States Election Results

    Yesterday I went about 20 minutes before refreshing this thread, and I got a message: "Forum software is being upgraded -- please try again in a few minutes." My mind went to dark places. "Roosh didn't say anything about this. It's over! They finally deplatformed Roosh. No more RVF. WHAT...
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    2020 United States Election Results

    I like Biden's horseshoe-loaded glove. :laughter:
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    2020 United States Election Results']
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    2020 United States Election Results
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    2020 United States Election Results

    I watched a documentary last night -- Spaceship Earth -- about the Biosphere 2 project in the '90s. Imagine my shock when in the last 20 minutes I hear the name "Steve Bannon." After the 2-year (failed) experiment ended, the main investor in the project brought in Bannon from Goldman Sachs to...
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    2020 United States Election Results

    Estraudi for MOST MAGA ALL CAPS RVF'er!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!????!!!! But the night is young!
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    2020 United States Election Results

    Welcome back. I have a pair of your socks -- black with red flames. Bought them years ago to look good swing dancing.
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    2020 United States Election Results

    Fox keeps showing a graphic with Biden at 41% and T at 53% with the big yellow "Winner" check mark next to Biden's name for Virginia. And they've already colored VA blue in the big national map. I don't get it.
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    2020 United States Election Results

    A big day indeed -- nice job!
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    Who do you think will win the 2020 US Election?

    The RVF poll numbers have been steadily trending up, from about 74% to 84% over the last month or so.
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    Positivity Challenge!

    Good luck!
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    Car Self-Maintenance

    Congrats. All the tools you bought for your virgin oil change were a one-time purchase. Perhaps you didn't save a lot of money over paying Jiffy-Lube this time, but you will come out way ahead after many oil changes. Don't forget to note the date and mileage in your maintenance log so you...
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    Finances In A Relationship

    Moved to Drunk Lounge. Hmmm. Nevermind.
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    Car Self-Maintenance

    Replacing modern brake pads is not all that hard, but like any project it is best to watch a few videos or read through reputable DIY instructions and determine if you've got all the tools (and confidence) you need before diving in. Don't forget to smear a blob of that anti-squeal goop on the...