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    Role for female friends

    I don't think this is the case neccesarily. I've had at least two instances where a female friend helped me get a girl. My last year in high school a girl in my class set me up with a cute asian girl who was her best friend. The only thing you could say that made her a black sheep was she never...
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    Oil pulling for mouth/teeth health

    I have some mct oil at home. Would you recommend using it for oil pulling or would coconut oil be better I was thinking about asking my dentist about teeth whitening next time I'm there as its only about $200. Problem is my teeth are already a little bit sensitive and my mouth has been bleeding...
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    Wall Victims

    She looks like a cheap hooker with that lipstick on and those crow's feet
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    The Kanye West thread

    Only heard of the Taylor Swift "imma let you finish" thing. So he whiteknighted for Beyonce twice now? Wtf
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    Any of you guys MMA fans?

    Video unavailable
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    Professional Sports Thread

    Interesting take on NBA. I mostly only watch combat sports so I don't really follow basketball. What would you say is the reason for more 3 pointers? Players not wanting to go in the paint/ less physical playing or I've heard there's been more European players lately who are supposed to be more...
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    50 million Americans are on psychotropic medication

    I never bought into this 'chemical imbalance' nonsense. Why would you trust a science that is constantly changing its rules and revising itself. Like you mentioned homosexuality was once a disorder, now it's widely accepted and even encouraged. It seems like a pseudoscience to me. Similar to...
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    Top ten red flags

    The club slut. A girl who go's out regularly 'just to dance'