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  1. Blade Runner

    Do You Deserve A Good Woman?

    Prophet nailed it on the first page. I think Roosh's MO here was to get guys to acquire a new mindset towards what is going on, which of course is correct and good. However, the whole "deserve" thing is likely silly and at best debatable. There are all sorts of people that get all sorts of...
  2. Blade Runner

    2020 United States Election Results

    This is THE story. How long do you think it will be before this story can be confirmed? If it is released, there is NO WAY anyone can send electors related to the recent elections, and it will essentially secure a Trump 2nd term.
  3. Blade Runner

    Eschatology: Mark of the Beast, Great Tribulation, Second Coming

    You all are too hung up on literalist timing. Yes, the Holy Fathers have indicated that such things may be the case, but I think the larger point is for us to be vigilant. It is up to interpretation and we all have a sort of retrospective or back-fitting model when we talk about how with prayer...
  4. Blade Runner

    Why do so many white men prefer Asian women?

    A few things became crystallized in my mind in the last 3 years. I've posted on them before but a quick recap: 1. Local environments are everything. Generally, if you want a wholesome LTR or marriage the USA is untenable, barring a lottery-esque win for guys like us (since we personality wise...
  5. Blade Runner

    The Orthodox Faith by Protopresbyter Thomas Hopko

    I learned much from Fr. Thomas and am grateful. Like us all, and all of the Fathers even, we are not immune to error whether directly or in a particular context, since most things are contextual in this vast, diverse world. That's why part of our Tradition is having a spiritual father. I just...
  6. Blade Runner

    The Dave Ramsey Thread

    Yes, Cliff's Notes: Most people are undisciplined. They need to be told countless times that there are forces out there trying their best to seduce you constantly to consumerism (among other things) and keeping up with XYZ. Just like that Orman character, they emphasize things you should...
  7. Blade Runner

    "The Great Reset" plan by the World Economic Forum

    I immediately saw Strek Trek and/or the Fifth Element
  8. Blade Runner

    Better treatment from beautiful women opposite your look/phenotype?

    Very interesting thread. I'll stay tuned.
  9. Blade Runner

    Diego Maradona RIP

    It is at this time that I have come full circle on caring much less about sports and the young men that are able to play all the games well. I respect the dedication and desire to become better, like any athlete should, but when you realize how much of a charade and entertainment industry this...
  10. Blade Runner

    Prices, Inflation/Deflation, Interest Rates & The Fed

    ^ When bitcoin is adopted as the way out (hint, it already is, most don't see it though). The pure competition that is created as an enforcer of different mechanisms of value and game theory make this the single greatest trade of your lifetime. It just needs a particular market cap and then...
  11. Blade Runner

    Normies and coronavirus

    All great points, but likely the most important variable of all.
  12. Blade Runner

    2020 United States Election Results

    I didn't understand it at first. Yes, it means that those running the show don't like those who support Trump. The Biden statement means that there is no point in having the channel anymore. The most interesting tangent of this is actually trying to figure out what Tucker Carlson is doing in...
  13. Blade Runner

    2020 United States Election Results

    So what specifically does the SCOTUS decision direct electors to "not be" faithless? Under what scenario can you "send" someone who is locked in with an electoral vote, or not?
  14. Blade Runner

    Testosterone injections

    Is it less than that range (7-10mg) that Crisler spoke of? What's your take on the gel stuff. Man, some of the pricing on that is unreal, even for those of us who could afford it. It just seems like a ripoff in the USA.
  15. Blade Runner

    2020 United States Election Results

    Yes yes yes This would truly be smoking gun information FOR WHICH there would be no reply and for which US National Security would even require a patriot like Mr. Trump to take control regardless of the qualms or objections against it - it would be truly saving the "Republic".
  16. Blade Runner

    2020 United States Election Results

    I have been honing my detection of all the "planned" stuff; it's the way we simple humans can wrap our minds around what is happening. Generalized chaos, and I really think this is the cause (it is demon influenced no doubt), is the real cause of what's going on. The demons of the world create...
  17. Blade Runner


    We learned about otoliths in medical school but I have never seen a single one on medical imaging. Labyrinthitis is probably the best guess, if we can make one. It is mainly via viral association, the common cold or flu - so in winter this best fits.
  18. Blade Runner

    What's the oldest age a woman can be for you to seriously consider pursuing a relationship?

    Great answer. In particular, this part. The mid to late 20s bracket for women separates the wheat from the chaff. The problem for the girls whose SMV just wasn't that high is that the modern world takes them out of the game entirely by not allowing them to capitalize at least on youth at age...
  19. Blade Runner

    How bad is is to marry an older woman?

    The problem is also that technology creating a great life has gone hand in hand with something unsustainable, so that begs for a reset indeed. With the technocracy, though, the natural "fix" of collapse can far more easily be turned into elite enslavement of the common man. It is a difficult...
  20. Blade Runner

    2020 United States Election Results

    Details are very important, but let's not get bogged down because they only mean something insomuch as pointing us towards the finish line, where we are going, or what we will do. Therefore, we need to revisit the critical thinking part of our brains. In medicine people fall for this trap all...