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  1. Mikestar

    Paternity issue from past- need advice

    I was just 19 years old man.. it’s a different story when you’re that age, of course kids are a blessing but at that age and especially because I was in a similar situation to OP - me in Europe and the girl in Latin America, it’s stressful
  2. Mikestar

    Paternity issue from past- need advice

    I remember you’re quite young and my age, mucho suerte, hope this all gets resolved, I remember nearly getting my gf pregnant, not fun times
  3. Mikestar

    Filipina Long distance

    Never go long distance if no.1 - you haven’t met, no. 2 your goal won’t be to live in the same country in the short term. First fly down to the Philippines and learn her culture, how society works and more importantly spend time with her. Then you can make that decision.
  4. Mikestar

    Ex makes future plans with random guy while i was away for 5 weeks

    Hey Progressor, you’re obviously way older and experienced than myself although I would say that at your age you should be thinking of a girl for life, one with great values. I don’t think those values such as travelling alone are ones to keep for the long term. The reason girls usually act...
  5. Mikestar

    The NoPorn / NoFap Thread - For Those Who're Serious

    Day 1. I’ve fell into a big downward spiral and I almost feel helpless. 2 months ago I used to fap once a week, was always keeping busy and social. Now I’ve done it sometimes 3 times a day. I have 0 social life as I’m busy with school and work, go gym sometimes. I think the cause of it is...
  6. Mikestar

    What would you do if your wife was infertile?

    This has just happened to me with my 1 and a half years LTR. She is 19 and a high chance of being infertile. Sad... the main reason I’m with her is cos I wanna knock her up in the near future and start a family. When she told me yesterday I felt true sadness, but it’s not 100% that she’s...
  7. Mikestar

    1 year to permanently relocate to Mexico - how do I do this?

    After 2 years of pondering upon this idea I have decided I want to move to Mexico permanently, one way ticket. I need a rough idea of how I am going to do this successfully, as I am young and know that this plan is a risk even though it is one which I am prepared to take. I am 20, have been...
  8. Mikestar

    Best Countries to Get Married

    Not that I am considering this in the next 3 years (potentially after), what is marriage like in Mexico?
  9. Mikestar

    The NoPorn / NoFap Thread - For Those Who're Serious

    I went 52 days on nofap as I travelled to Mexico. I was having sex nearly everyday with my girl once or more times. It felt so good but now I have returned to my country and I have been binging on porn. I need to start working out and putting my phone far away at night. Already 2 days on porn my...
  10. Mikestar

    I'm having trouble dating anyone, period

    Tom is right. Also what may help you is to go to an environment where sex is a big part of everyday life, such as Latin America. Quit porn, weed, lift weights and get your blood pumping everyday with a good diet with some sun exposure. You are not inadequate man, you are whatever you make...
  11. Mikestar

    The NoPorn / NoFap Thread - For Those Who're Serious

    Day 2, I've been insanely addicted in the past week, I need to go out gaming to curb these cravings. I temporarily uninstalled facebook and instagram and it seems to be helping.
  12. Mikestar

    FAVOURITE DRUGS in order to improve your life

    Word to this man. Word to this. I also took LSD and smoked weed tons ages 16+, I am also exactly your age right now. LSD was the best and worst thing i ever did in my life, it gave me a lot of psychological problems like psychosis (luckily temporarily). On the other hand, after I took it I was...
  13. Mikestar

    Brain Fog from Gluten

    I now understand why I had brain frog from gluten thanks to this thread, I checked the back of my tongue and there are white/red spots, it's candidiasis. I haven't had the chance to go to the doctor but got a gel, it has not been effective, what are some home remedies I can try?
  14. Mikestar

    Brain Fog from Gluten

    So I have experimented now a bit more, bringing back gluten. I have realised it may not just be gluten but rather cheap processed carbohydrates, I used to eat cheap wholemeal and the cheapest pasta nearly everyday (Student meals) and now after stopping touching that it has been fluctuating...
  15. Mikestar

    The NoPorn / NoFap Thread - For Those Who're Serious

    I've been doing nofap last week (I lasted 6 days) and now I am back on it again (3 days) and I feel depressed, I'm busy with work, university and go gym, is this just hormones regulating? I have no reason to feel bad
  16. Mikestar

    Brain Fog from Gluten

    So for the past three weeks I have been suffering from immense brain fog. I have not been feeling myself lately and I have had these symptoms: - Lack of mental clarity - Forgetfulness - Confusion - Depression - Unable to start a task and finish it A couple of days ago I got tired and I...
  17. Mikestar

    Funny and Cool Pics and Vids

  18. Mikestar

    Going from smoking weed everyday to once a while

    This is going to sound crazy but special K. I don't know if it'll show up in your test but I my friend offered it to me for the first time recently and it aided with my insomnia. Just once and you don't need to do anymore, special K has also been approved to cure depression, it's not very...
  19. Mikestar

    problems with sleep

    I’ve had insomnia in the past, best and most natural way is to do heavy lifting at the gym in the evening and then eat a large meal, that will put you asleep much faster. Stop looking at screens 1 hour before sleep. Don’t result to weed or other drugs, otherwise you will rely on them to fall...
  20. Mikestar

    Positivity / Good News Only Lounge

    I got an STI test and I am a completely clean man, this has made my day