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  1. Surreyman

    Cardiff University: No platform for Germaine Greer

    The serpent continues to eat its tail. It's become a cliché to say, but it is true. As a veteran feminist of the second wave, Germaine Greer wanted to expand white middle-class female privilege, so naturally she was quite irked at the intrusion of transsexuals into her exclusive party. The...
  2. Surreyman

    Why I won't date another 'male feminist' (are blow jobs degrading?)

    We here at RVF all love a good-humoured poke at the hypocritical underbelly of the lefties, and the joy, mirth and merriment continues with this latest article in The Guardian. Kate Iselin identifies as a feminist, but she struggles to reconcile her beliefs in female privilege with the...
  3. Surreyman

    30 Bananas a day Just when you thought the various symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder couldn't be presented as a lifestyle choice, here's our self proclaimed "Banana Girl" to prove you wrong. This website is gold. Basically she thinks people (one assumes manginas and...
  4. Surreyman

    Corporal Punishment of Children - the RVF verdict?

    This is one that the left have been talking about for a long time. They believe there's something wrong with hitting children to punish them. I've got to say, I got hit once or twice as a kid when I deserved it, but it wasn't the first thing my parents would do, it was a last resort, and the...
  5. Surreyman

    Is the waistcoat the new fedora?

    I keep seeing beta chodes on the streets wearing waistcoats. Sometimes with t shirts, sometimes with shirts, almost always with jeans. It seems to have replaced their ubiquitous hoodies (there's a point, why do losers always dress like children?). I'm talking about the 'travelling around...
  6. Surreyman

    Why Blue Pill ideologies dominate societies around the globe.

    As far as I can see, Blue Pill ideologies are things like (but not limited to) Confucianism, Socialism, Nationalism, and more or less all mainstream religions (though offshoots of religions may vary). I consider the above to be Blue Pill because they demand that a man must deny his masculine...
  7. Surreyman

    Gloves - any recommendations?

    I buy most of my clothes out of season, and before I need them, so I was thinking about sorting out some unlined leather gloves for the winter. What's the verdict - is it a good look, and what gloves can you guys recommend? I'd probably be wearing them with a tweed jacket, fitted shirt...
  8. Surreyman

    Old Ads that would never work today,

    Okay, link is from 9Gag, but this is a real exposé of how red pill mainstream society was in the 50s and 60s. The Don Draper types really had their finger on the pulse. 'Blow in her face and she'll follow you anywhere' 'The new Subaru GL Coue. Like a spirited...
  9. Surreyman

    gold/silver - a good way to save?

    Is buying bullion a good way to keep money, or is this just popular amongst 'preppers' and conspiracy types?
  10. Surreyman

    Fur Blankets to complete your Caveman Game.

    This one for people who live in cold countries. Furs on the bed. Real ones, from real animals, maybe even ones you shot if you're that badass. Sheepskins, deer, moose, etc. If you search around you kind find this kind of stuff. Not cheap, but also affordable for most people, and they do...
  11. Surreyman

    Life Hacks

    'Life Hack, Noun: Small everyday habits to improve your life.' This is the sort of thing RooshV members like. Anything that ups your game, saves you money, time, makes you healthier, etc. My contribution is: Cold showers everyday to improve skin, help muscle recovery, stimulate the nervous...
  12. Surreyman

    The consequences of bad game?

    IRT strikes again: UK Tourist jumps from Agra balcony after 'massage offer'
  13. Surreyman

    meat = rape

    Or at least, it does according to a new textbook from India: I only wish I could get hold of this shit to actually read it myself, because it's got to be the funniest bit of faggotry ever.
  14. Surreyman

    BBC readers stories of being single 'Often when it comes to women, I am always friendship first before relationship. If I can continue to do this till I die, I would leave this world a single but happy man. Indran Sivarajah, Orpington' Is this where IRT has been going wrong...