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  1. Speculation

    SPLC targets Bitcoin to shutdown alternative funding for 'Hate Groups'

    In place of traditional fundraising sources, bitcoin fills a gap for hate groups Looks like the progressives are not content with getting their enemies kicked off of paypal, patreon and the like. They'll be doing what they can to disrupt their crypto-income too. If history is any teacher...
  2. Speculation

    Star Trek Discovery ticks all the Social Justice boxes

    A lot of this has been touched upon in the Orville thread, but I thought it could use rehashing. The latest Star Trek series is completely saturated with Social Justice themes. To start with, Discovery's main protagonist is a black female commander with a boy's name ('Michael') who was raised...
  3. Speculation

    What do you guys think about BlackDragon?

    BlackDragon has been around the Manosphere practically since it's inception. He started out as a poster on the old FastSeduction forums, being a proponent of polyamory and specialising in Online Dating. Since then he's moved on to his own personal game site (along with a business and personal...
  4. Speculation

    MEETUP DAY: After The Cancellation

    If you have decided to independently go ahead with a private meetup regardless of the official cancellation, you need to be aware that the opposition is still moving against you. From 5 hours before this post on Reddit: Subreddits such as /r/Socialism /r/Anarchism and other assumably...