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    Another Irish priest allows Muslim imam to lead prayers in Catholic Church

    This news might kill my mum. She is Irish, and she is very religious. She believes that there is no place in the church for people who follow other religions and have their own beliefs. I’m quite tolerant of other beliefs and religions. Everyone has a right to choose what makes peace in their...
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    Sport leagues and players fighting 'systematic racism'

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    I introduce you to TikTok Lite

    I can't say that TikTok is a very awesome app and it helps people to express themselves at the beginning it was a really nice app where you could what beautiful dances or look for a nice joke but with time it became full of stupid jokes and repeating trends of which you get sick during 10...
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    I introduce you to TikTok Lite

    Tik Tok can only teach you how to degrade.