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  1. uncledick

    2020 United States Election Results

    Also he should ship Kushner and Ivanka off to a deserted island full of rats of which kushner would be perfectly suited to be their King.
  2. uncledick

    2020 United States Election Results

    And like that the tidal wave of MSM outlets are declaring Biden the winner. Trump has no choice now, he has got to cross the rubicon. There can be no half measures, if he doesn't want the crushing weight of all the levers of power to come crashing down on him, his legacy, his business and his...
  3. uncledick

    2020 United States Election Results

  4. uncledick

    2020 United States Election Results

    I will, but the levers of power and institutions are all consolidated under the dems hence my doomerism. Trump will fight no doubt, but its a battle of David vs Goliath levels. I dont mean to be a demoralization agent, so ill stfu until a later date. I just loathe the state of the west and...
  5. uncledick

    2020 United States Election Results

    It begins, Biden is the next president and there is not a damned thing to do about it other than civil strife. Trump chose the wrong team from the beginning, he let technocorps walk all over him, and he did very little to clean out the ranks of the deep state. They are going to punish based...
  6. uncledick

    Race riots 2020

    Im waiting for this thread to be lit up, come the 4th
  7. uncledick

    Migrant invasion of Europe

    Macron now acting harshly on islamism through a variety of actions since the beheading... whats changed? His polls numbers are bad or something? This is the same guy that upon his election stated that radical islam is not a problem.
  8. uncledick

    Kyle's Legal Defense Fund

    Credit Card companies and payment processing companies are targeting GIVESENDGO because of the Kyle Rittenhouse fundraiser. My mastercard payment didnt go through and when i called, the rep said there was technical difficulties with said payment. FKin bastards, im going to triple my donation...
  9. uncledick

    The Donald Trump thread

    Im back thinking that trump is winning this election. A few months ago i thought he was screwed, covid and the initial period after the george floyd murder sealed the deal. But after the last couple months of riots as well as the covid hysterics cooling down, i think barring any major upcoming...
  10. uncledick

    The Canada Political Thread

    Diversity is our strength! Or so J-media would say. Twenty-five years is a long time to run a business. During that time, Geoff Shoesmith has seen a lot as owner of Trailside, a family-run gas and...
  11. uncledick

    White Russia (Belarus) 2020 elections

    Belarus is a interesting case example of Globohomo winning a country in realtime.
  12. uncledick

    The new cold war with China

    Are they any worse then the anti-christian powers, laws and elites in the west though? Looking around my country (Canada) christianity has been dead a long time.. and to practice it in a traditional bible based sense is to open oneself to hate laws/speech, amongst a variety of other social...
  13. uncledick

    Race riots 2020

    We have to work on the assumption that anywhere from 20-40% of white gentiles are completely compromised... there's no redemption for them and they will fight heritage whites and westerners to their or our deaths. If you want an example of how that could be, just look at South africa. SA is the...
  14. uncledick

    Race riots 2020

    Former commies have stronger morals and traditions than americans... really tho, how can anyone not believe liberal democracy was a complete and utter disaster for conservatives at this point in time is beyond my comprehension
  15. uncledick

    Race riots 2020

    I just can't find any enjoyment or positives in these videos of government enforcers batoning, shoving or rubber bulleting antifa protestors, because in 5 years - maybe less, its going to be right of center dissenters getting a similar but even worse treatment with zero allies from any...
  16. uncledick

    Riots Lounge thread

    Apparently thats the new gangbanger boyfriend of that little ones white mother, hopefully shes with her father now... this just goes to show you the lengths that white women will go to please the invaders/poc hordes, they'll scarifice they own (white) children on the altar of poz. A clear cut...
  17. uncledick

    Race riots 2020

    Id say that meme applys to the silent generation too, but boomers, especially liberal boomers are truly one of a kind generation, the only generation to live most of their lives in financial bliss and political peace... the upside tho, the oldest boomers are 75 and the the youngest 55, shit is...
  18. uncledick

    Cathedral in Nantes on fire

    If only grand masterpieces like these cathedrals could in some way be transported to christian countries that would actually protect/maintain them... unfortunately there is more queers in France than actual christians nowadays. These monuments would be better off in colombia or the philippines
  19. uncledick

    Race riots 2020

    When I was a young guy in the late 80s and early 90s with admiring eyes for law enforcement/military i would've thought of such technology as badass. Nowadays, even if its used on antifa sporadically, i have a gut feeling this kind of stuff is going to be used in earnest on realtalkers, patriots...
  20. uncledick

    Race riots 2020

    Im curious how that confrontation between the white couple and the feral group of black women started. I also don't understand how whites can still be so oblivious to the danger of communcating with blacks in any sort of confrontational way can be, as we can see the white women slapped her ass...