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    Eddie Van Halen, RIP

    Dude could shred!
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    Mondo Duplantis Breaks Pole Vault Record

    6.17 meters (over 20 feet!) As he's falling back to the mat and sees the bar stay in place, he realizes he's done it -- he is the best in the world -- and extends his arms in celebration while still...
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    RIP Neil Peart Battling brain cancer for 3 years. In private, which seems just like how Neil would want it. RIP
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    BlockScript Error

    Starting within the last hour, I'm getting this error when attempting access the forum when connected to my VPN: Can we no longer access RVF via VPN?
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    RIP George H.W. Bush 1924-2018

    George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st president of the United States, has died at age 94. "George Herbert Walker Bush, World War II naval aviator, Texas oil pioneer, and 41st President of the United States of...
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    Involuntarily Cucked Dude Sues Wife's Lover, Wins $8.8M!

    1. Dude discovers suspicious messages on wife's phone. 2. Dude calls suspicious number and after chad answers, dude informs and demands: "She's married! Leave her alone!" 3. Wife keeps fucking the chad. 4. Dude actually goes to wife's new lovenest and manages to get himself recorded...
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    Feminist Site Shutting Down -- Founder Admits It was Satire

    I've never heard of the site, but this was a pretty elaborate troll job: Maybe Jezebel is also an Onion site!
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    "It's Okay to be White" signs appear on college campuses Maybe not as catchy as "Black Lives Matter!" but we'll see if this gets enough coverage to reach the "normies." I haven't seen it on the major outlets yet, but the local media picked it up...
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    Florida teens record themselves taunting, laughing at drowning man

    Watching a man drown would haunt my dreams. But these five kids taunt and laugh as they adjust their camera phones to record a man's painful death. They can't be charged with a crime, but these dickheads should be...
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    A Self-Described 'Cougar' Explains Why Young Men Make Life Worth Living :wtf:
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    Fortune Mag Ass. Editor Wants more Female Headliners If ever a capitalist/artistic meritocracy existed, it is the music festival. They're going to book the acts that sell the most tickets! There is no anti-woman conspiracy here, Ms. Zarya (associate editor for the Most Powerful Women channel on If...
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    Cornell Frat President Accused of Attempted Rape This guy's been in jail since last Thursday, just got sprung today. He "brought" her there? Maybe he dragged her by her hair. I guess she has no agency. Locked his bedroom door? At 2:00 a.m.?? GUILTY...
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    Bengals Whitworth Calls Out Locker Room Double-Standard

    Maybe this could have been put in the NFL thread, but it's not really about on-the-field football, so new thread. During an interview with Bengals defensive back Adam Jones, Whitworth was one of many...
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    Why College-Educated Women Can't Find Love Boo hoo!!
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    Tinder and the Dating Apocolypse “If he texts you before midnight he actually likes you as a person. If it’s after midnight, it’s just for your body,” says Amanda. It’s not, she says, that women don’t want to have sex. “Who doesn’t want to have...
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    Maxx Bench

    I have no affiliation/financial interest, but thought this looked cool: I have a home gym, which has a lot of advantages that I posted my opinions about in a different thread. But one of the big things you lose when you're lifting alone in the home gym is a partner to...
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    In Defense of Bros Everywhere The bro-bashing that’s currently running rampant through the Internet has reached a fever pitch, and quite frankly I am fed up. When the Entourage film was on the horizon, the bro bashers smelled...