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    Personal Finance Question

    Hello gentlemen, I hope you’re all doing well. I would like to share my current financial situation and would love to hear your opinions on what I should do. I live in Canada. I’m 41, unemployed due to a company lay-off in January. I took a short break and followed a 9-week web...
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    In the market for a new car

    I'm shopping for a new car. Looking for something with edge. Whats your fav car on the market today?
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    Robert McKee's Story Seminar

    Has anybody ever attended the Robert McKee Story Seminar? There's one coming in NYC and I'm thinking of going. Just curious to hear some feedback
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    Hi! Anybody aware of a "" discussion forum? I quickly did a Google search and didn't find anything worth my time. Looking for something similar to RooshV community but for Salesforce. :-) Thanks!
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    Critique my IF routine

    Hello, I would love to hear your comments about my current training and IF routine. Current Stats Age: 36 Weight: 227lbs Height: 5'9" Body fat %: 30% Goals: Weight: 180 Body fat %: 12% This is my routine. 5 AM: Wake up and drink water or green tea and take 2 caffeine pills...
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    Digital Magazine

    How do you start a digital magazine?