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  1. Gopher

    Does Roosh's Work Prevent Rape?

    I got to thinking about this. Could the argument be made that Roosh's work has prevented more rape than it has caused? Is there the possibility that learning how to genuinely attract women leads to fewer sexually frustrated men? Men that could possibly have otherwise taken more extreme...
  2. Gopher

    Fast food workers to strike. Demand $15/hr

    Full article There you go Laila..."They work on their feet all day". So they should make $31,000 a year with no skills or credentials because they stand while flipping burgers.
  3. Gopher

    White Knight Campaign in Montana

    Full article here Some girl had this linked on her facebook. Funny thing is, the only reason I know her is because I fucked her friend the same night I met her at a bar. She didn't put a stop to it :banana:
  4. Gopher

    Fat Logic Anybody know how to insert text from the page?