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    Woman lives as a man for 18 months to see what it's like

    A couple years old but pretty interesting. Some lesbian goes incognito as a man to infiltrate male circles and see what men are really like when women are not around. She completely changed her opinion on men concluding:
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    Drake's workout routine

    His workouts are as soft as his music. I always thought he was the type that would bench on a Smith machine.
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    What caused the 90s crime spike in the Anglosphere?

    US: UK: CA: It seems as though crime in the US, Canada and the UK hit their peak in the early-mid 90s and have fallen ever since. It's often said that things like demographics, more imprisonment and police policies are the reason. But Given that this trend has happened in 3 Anglo...
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    I found out about Hel-looks from a link Roosh posted. There's now SF looks. These styles are a trip. It's like hipster to the extreme. These men have had all masculinity drained from their bodies.
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    Gay marriage now legal in all Mexico

    Never thought that gay marriage would be legal in Mexico before it was in the USA. Http://
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    Is there any good reason to be on Twitter?

    I have a Twitter account I set up long ago but haven't made a single tweet nor do I ever go on it. I'm really out of the loop with Twitter and how it works and what all the tags and shit mean. I know it has value for marketers and such, but is there any good use for it outside of that? I...
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    American workers fired and replaced by Indians they have to train

    American companies aren't even trying to hide their flagrant abuse of the H1B visa program anymore. The point of the program is to fill voids for high demand jobs that they can't find Americans to do. But how can this be the case if they are making American workers train these HB1 guys from...
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    McKinney, TX: Another police/race incident

    Nobody was killed this time, but I'm sure this is going to blow up regardless: I try to stay objective and give cops a fair shake as I did with the Michael Brown incident, and not give into knee-jerk SJW narratives without reviewing evidence, but compared to other Western countries, our...
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    Economist drops a new essay on the plight of men

    It was written by a feminist, but there are some interest topics being discussed. Touches on topics from unemployed black men in America to emasculation of Swedish men due to government policies...
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    All 8 female Army Ranger candidates fail

    I love when nature turns political correctness on its ass: Women fighting in elite forces like men is a joke. This was a victory against feminism.
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    Eerie noises in the sky heard around the world

    What do you guys make of this? Hoax? Imagination? Something sinister?
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    What would you do if you had an endless supply of money?

    Let's say you had a bank account that you could withdraw limitless money from for the rest of your life. You no longer had to work unless you wanted. Buying anything you wanted was no objection. You could live where you want, be able to fund any business or organization of your choosing if you...
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    Artificial sweeteners. Are they dangerous?

    I'm looking to reduce my sugar intake. I drink mostly water and tea and I like having my tea sweetened a little. I hear so many varied opinions on the different artificial sweeteners. I was told that some of them cause cancer which scared me away from trying any. But I don't know if that's...
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    Ideal male look around the world

    Highlights. The sexy lumberjack look in en vogue in America. A bearded metrosexual with rugged attire. Mexican dudes are macho the 2nd most vain in the world behind Venezuela. Korean men want faces like women. Indian men are using skin lightener.
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    Have you ever served in the military?

    Totally random, but I'm just curious how many RVFers are in or have been in some form of military service.
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    Santa Barbara newspaper under fire for using the word "illegal" The PC is getting to the point that people are saying "illegal" is the equivalent of the N-word. Is there ANYWHERE else on the planet that this would even be an issue??
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    People living underground in Vegas

    Pretty crazy. When you are walking the Vegas strip, you would never know there is a whole labyrinth of people living under your feet. I hear there are many of these off the grid underground cities around the world that thrive in the sewers and drainpipes.
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    Carbs vs fat vs protein

    I hear a lot of guys say if you want to lose belly fat, then stay away from carbs. Can someone explain to me why it makes any difference if you eat carbs or fat or protein with regards to losing weight, especially belly fat. I don't fully understand how this works. If you eat 1500 calories...
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    Women having egg-freezing parties The future is coming fast, and prices for this service are probably going to plummet. You'll have a bunch of 50 year old first time mothers giving birth. Really makes me sick to see people tampering with nature like...
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    Optimism about America's future The video is just a few minutes but Fareed Zakaria gives a good breakdown on how America is doing relative to the rest of the world and why we are poised to lead for much longer. He's bullish on America. On...