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    Any of you guys MMA fans?

    I think end of this year. Gaethje X Nurmagededov. Gaethje doesn't want to fight Connor. He wants the Bear!
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    Any of you guys MMA fans?

    Who you got? "El Cucuy" X Poirier? I bet Poirer for now. Then Gaethje rematch with Poirer? Slick.
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    Any of you guys MMA fans?

    Can't wait for Gaethje to fight again to Porier? I mean, whoever wins with the two will fight Nurmagededov, right?
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    Tim Ferriss Followers Are Impressionable Children

    I just wanna learn more about morning routines with the awesome people he did talk too, though. $$
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    The Jordan Peterson thread

    I'm a fan of JRE podcast , and I finished all Jp's guest appearance.
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    Podcast recommendations

    JRE podcast tim ferriss sports nutrition podcast
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    Tim Ferriss Followers Are Impressionable Children

    I'm listening to his podcast right now. :hmm: Is he a fraud?
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    Coronavirus Lounge thread

    In the philippines, it's getting worst from politics, goverment and how to flatten the curve scenario.
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    The TV Series Thread

    How about FRIENDS and the big bang theory? I'm on season 4 of FRIENDS. I like the comedy series for humorous talk when socializing with friends or with people like Seinfeld.
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    Mental Health Lounge

    I'm having acid reflux, low stomach acid since the pandemic started. Anxiety kicks in every night. SIBO sickness.
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    The Jordan Peterson thread

    I just listened to joe rogan podcast. They're talking about isolation tanks and meditation.
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    The Movie Thread

    I'm watching watchmen. I just realized how powerful, Dr.Manhattan is. I haven't finished the movie, though, work work.
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    Fiction book recommendations

    Charles Bukowski, women. About spinning plates and booze. I'm still half way throught the book.
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    What are you listening to?

    Joey Diaz is so funny. They're talking about isolation tank and weed. Does weed really make you feel bad in a long term health?
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    Welcome to RVF II

    Lots of new threads. How can I add some avatar image?
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    What are you currently reading?

    Women by Charles Bukowski Slow reader here. I'm reading with my tablet. 10 pages every night or every other day. Tips on how to be good in reading?
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    New member introduction thread

    Hi guys, Daily reader from the forum.