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    The rise of platonic co-parenting I'm not sure where to even start with what a mess this is. In short, women waste their 20s and 30s sleeping with new men every night and focusing...
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    Duffy Rape Claim

    The singer Duffy claims she's been out of the spotlight and not making any new music for the last few years because she was traumatized from being kidnapped and raped over a period of 4 weeks. So now everyone is saying how strong she was about coming forward, etc etc. Here's her own...
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    Business Ideas

    I see people on here a lot looking for business ideas. I come up with a new business idea just about every week, but I don't start these because my current business is where I want to be. So I thought I'd start a thread to pass on business ideas to anyone who wants them. Here's two I...