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    Voice cloning becoming possible through AI

    I was already a little disturbed by deepfakes but this is a whole nother level. More examples:
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    Scoob and Shag This is the first time I've ever really followed a web comic. The first 13 or so episodes start out with normal stupid internet memery, but then they start to transform into a story that's way more cohesive and...
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    PayPal Requiring Me to Send Copy of ID

    I wanted to buy something small today. However, after I gave my login details, a message stated they want me to send them a copy of my license or passport. I then saw there was a link to "verify another way" but it just takes me back to the same ID verification process. Has anyone else...
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    Woman Cuts off Hair Grown for Years and Husband Loves It I actually got really annoyed when I read this story. The woman actually looked really good at first and I assumed maybe she had cancer or something, but she willingly did all of...
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    Memphis Pastor Called out for Past Sexual Incident with Then 17 Year Old I think both parties are at fault here. He did abuse his standing with the woman. On the other hand, her reasoning that she went ahead with it because "this must mean that Andy loved" her made it seem like it was consensual.
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    Two NY Officers Charged With Rape of Teen I think it was all consensual, just based on the fact they told other people about the encounter. Also, the acccuser is Anna Chambers. It seems she's a...
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    Transgender Wants to Officially Raise Baby as "Unknown" I really worry what the kid is going to grow up to be like and I'm also wondering how did this guy get this kid in the first place??
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    Quote button not working on mobile

    I've noticed this for a little bit and thought it was an issue with my phone until someone else mentioned it in passing in another thread. Whenever I want to quote a post on mobile, I have to change to the desktop version and then press quote. Otherwise, it's as if you just pressed the post...
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    The Instagram thread

    Eric Andre trolls Instagram stars. Pure insanity for anyone unfamiliar with Eric.
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    Girl Gets Invited to Tinder Date with 5 Other Girls on Yacht

    Which one of you guys was this? Video below
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    Need help developing routine with convict conditioning

    I'm reading the book convict conditioning that roosh mentioned on his program since I'm trying to save cash. The issue I'm having is that it's so large that I can't figure out what I need to do routine wise. Like, if I never exercise, what exercises do I need to do and how many sets should I...