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    Why do people buy from Amazon?

    I like Amazon. I will say that I place orders through third party sellers much less these days. Don't want to risk buying fake, low quality stuff and going through the return process.
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    Does anyone use The /e/ Project or other non-Google OSs for mobile phones?

    I like tinkering and also that it's a phone where you're essentially expected to do some messing around with it. I want to get it at a price closer to $100 as the specs aren't all that impressive and as another user commented a lot of basic features are still a WIP.
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    Does anyone use The /e/ Project or other non-Google OSs for mobile phones?

    I'm personally really interested in the pinephone. Don't really want to jump on it unless I can find one used for a good price though.
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    How to download videos from mainstream platforms [Youtube, Bitchute]

    If you're using Android newpipe is great for downloading from YouTube/SoundCloud. It's also sweet because you can watch videos without all the ads and other invasiveness of the official YouTube app. You'll have to get F-Droid to install it however as it's not on the play store. Also, you might...
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    Naming your son '<your name> Jr'

    I've never liked it. My son isn't me, so why would I give him my name?
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    Ways to learn a language: I'm a professional interpreter, and fluent in 6 languages.

    Regarding immersion, how do you handle it when foreigners don't want to use their native language with you? This is when you're in their country. Also, what about when you feel like you can't ever think of anything interesting to discuss with natives? My desire to learn is still there, but...
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    Voice cloning becoming possible through AI

    I was already a little disturbed by deepfakes but this is a whole nother level. More examples:
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    Forum "Lounge" - Everything goes!

    Eazy_E and Easy_C. Why??
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    Cohabitation before marriage / or not - Pros & cons

    Voted no. I'm not in a rush to give up the serenity of living alone right now.
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    Street robberies and you: the basics

    I stopped at "When to draw" since I don't plan on carrying anytime soon, but the rest was helpful and interesting to read.
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    The Dave Chappelle thread

    Caught the sticks and stones special last night. I think he made some interesting points but it wasn't nearly as funny as his earlier material. I'd give it a 3/5
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    Anyone drive for rideshare companies ?

    Tipping? Man, take that up with Lyft. I'm not paying more than the displayed price if i don't have to. Does lyft let drivers rate passengers too?
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    Mass shootings in El Paso, Texas Walmart and Dayton, Ohio bar

    RE: Texas Walmart Massacre - 18 killed in Walmart shooting I read the title of the thread and all I could do was just sit and stare at the wall for a good couple minutes. I can't stand to read about this anymore.
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    The Instagram thread

    Instagram rolling out program to ban display of likes.
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    The Honk pill (Clown World)

    Jesus, this girl was way more nuts than I was led to believe initally. All I knew from the initial story was that she met the dude on discord, they dated a bit, and then he killed her on some "if i can't have her,none of you can have her" business.
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    Scoob and Shag This is the first time I've ever really followed a web comic. The first 13 or so episodes start out with normal stupid internet memery, but then they start to transform into a story that's way more cohesive and...
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    Using sunscreen can lower your testosterone

    It's really better to wear UPF clothing as the majority of sunscreen only blocks UVB rays but not UVA. More info here:
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    Playing video games over 30

    I could care less. All that matters is that your life doesn't revolve around it.
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    Any way around those annoying captchas?

    It may also be due to the fact you're using a proxy, VPN of some kind, or maybe private mode.
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    How Do You Stop Being A Lazy Bastard?

    Has anyone had any luck finding a PDF of the disciplined life anywhere?