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  1. Emperor Constantine

    What are you trying to conserve?

    Growing up, I never thought much about the meaning of the word conservative. Among my friends and family, it usually means voting Republican. And to a certain extent, that made sense. But that shouldn't be it. About a year ago, I was talking with a friend, and he began dissing the liberal arts...
  2. Emperor Constantine

    Western Rite

    This thread is for discussing anything related to the Western Rite in the Orthodox Church. For starters, here's a chart I made showing the calendar of fasts for this year using the Antiochian Western Rite calendar (way late, I know):
  3. Emperor Constantine

    Independence Day

    In Common Sense, Thomas Paine observed that for three thousand years after the days of Moses, the Israelites were governed by their elders and judges, under the rule of the Mosaic law. Unsatisfied, the Jews begged God to curse them with the heathen invention of monarchy, and from that point on...
  4. Emperor Constantine

    EC's superior poetry

    "The Jewess and the Coffee-Maid" By Emperor Constantine She stares at her coffee as time passes by It’s enough to make any girl want to cry. Brenda got married just last Saturday; A flamboyant beach wedding the first weekend in May. “Am I the last one unwedded?” she wandered aloud. The barista...
  5. Emperor Constantine

    How to change signature?

    When I click on my username, I get the option to change a bunch of other data (birthday, website, marital status, etc.) but not my signature. The link you shared brings me to a page that says "Oops! We ran into some problems. You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action."...
  6. Emperor Constantine

    When quoting another member

    When quoting another forum member, for the ease of everyone else reading it is helpful to quote only the relevant portion of their text. Quoting long posts in full detracts from the flow of the thread rather than improving clarity. Just delete the irrelevant portions of the quotation before...
  7. Emperor Constantine

    Budgeting apps?

    I use a really generic one called spending tracker. Basically, every time you spend money you enter it into the app and categorize it, and it charts your spending. After downloading several similar apps, I went with spending tracker because it was the only one that I didn't have to sign up for...
  8. Emperor Constantine

    No new books for three months

    What For the next three months, only read books and articles that are at least a century old. Why - It’s an opportunity to learn from the classic books that have shaped man’s thinking for centuries or even millennia. By unplugging from modern thinking for a bit and listening to what our...
  9. Emperor Constantine

    Datasheet: Financial Habits for Single Guys

    Why bother learning good financial habits? Taking care of your finances makes life less stressful. If you have a decent-sized pile of money saved up, emergencies become way less frequent, you feel less inclined to put up with bad working environments, and you are in a position to help people...