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    The Campus Indoctrination Thread

    Here's a rundown of some of the most egregious ongoing cases of cultural marxism run amok on campus,from a Zerohedge article: The 10 Most Extreme "Critical Race Theory" Classes & Trainings At US Colleges by Tyler Durden Authored by...
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    The India-China conflict

    Big news today, dozens of soldiers killed on both sides in brutal hand to hand combat. Soldiers allegedly fought each other with rocks, perhaps a consequence of the weird protocol where firearms would constitute a big diplomatic escalation. The effective border between these two countries is...
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    Blackrock, the bailouts, and the financial takeover of the world

    This might be the biggest story this year, taking place beneath all the noise from the covid/race wars. It is worth its own thread. Here is a short introduction: Blackrock is the most powerful corporate/financial entity overtly operating, a heddge fund managing $27 trillion in assets and...
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    Good homemade bread recipes without bread machines?

    So I've got a 10lb bag of flour, and got ahold of some yeast, which has been just about the hottest item at the supermarket. It looks like the yeast supplies have finally arrived, and the stores are now stacking large flour bags that seemed to be destined for the ailing restaurant market. I'm...
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    The Righteous Jews Thread

    [Draft post removed by moderator.]
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    The vintage car appreciation thread

    This is the thread for your vintage car talk and crushes. Here are a few sports cars from the 1970s: Lamborghini Bravo: Mercedes C111: Ford Mustang Milano concept car: [/URL]
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    The Physiognomy (is real) thread

    Tribute to Heartiste, here is the physiognomy thread. I'll start things off with this phenomenon of a creature: [/URL]
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    Root canals - LT health issues

    I've recently come across this interesting stat about cancer: 97% of those with terminal cancer have reportedly had a root canal. The percentage of Americans with root canals is around 26%.
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    50 years ago: the USS Liberty

    I'm starting this thread on an important subject breached in the busy Trump thread, starting off with Irenicus' answer: Lol, do you actually expect the IDF to tell the truth on a false flag attack on the Liberty that they were going to pin on Egypt? Unfortunately the USN also lied about the...
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    Romania politics thread

    The political situation in Romania is pretty intense, a lot of similarities with Ukraine. There is a Soros color revolution in full swing. I think we have a few posters from there, or living there, it would be great to get some feedback. Jake Morphonios, who's done good work investigating...
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    Huffington Post editors meeting

    (I haven't seen this posted on this forum, and a search didn't produce any hits, so I am posting this item which I believe is worth mentioning here) Astonishing lack of self-awareness by the editor of the HuffPost, who actually tweeted this shot in an attempt to show the amazingly diverse...