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    Chance of Another Shut-Down

    Most likely the apparent lull is from: lockdown policies working, masks/social distancing, the stronger late-spring sun, pollen in the air making it more difficult for respiratory globules to travel. I suspect the lull to last the summer. People will get cocky and towards the fall there will be...
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    1 Year Drinking Wagon Challenge for 2014

    After already seeing the early compounding of benefits from only being 5 months in, I can't imagine what 6 years would do. If you could graph the possibilities of your life from this point forward on a 3D map using some sort of X Y Z metrics of success, there's no doubt that the compounding...
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    NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious

    Just like the confrontations with alcohol and caffeine in other threads, there's a point where having something in your life isn't beneficial anymore. There was a point when you're younger where masturbating everyday served a purpose and it was fine. Now I find that it's just another distraction...
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    Re-visiting living location - inner city vs middle suburbs vs outer suburbs vs regional

    What cities in America would you classify as this? I find that a lot of the middle-upper sized European cities to be like this. Not big enough to be insane and in your face, but big enough to have plenty going on, nice parks, walkable, and also they invest well in transit options. Fast and...
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    Giving up caffeine is a game changer

    Yeah you can clearly see the difference in effects between an espresso (which contains even more of the fats/alkaloids) and a cup of strong black tea. I find the coffee to be much more disruptive to sleep even if its 12+ hours later. Good point about it being a real stimulant. Treating it as a...
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    Help- dopamine overdose/moderate-serious symptoms

    Cut out stims, namely coffee. Get yourself set on the right sleep schedule. Meditate once in the morning and once in the evening. Meditation can be key some days. After a quality 20 min sesh sometimes it will change what is feeling like the start of an "off" day into an "on" day. Meditation will...
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    Giving up caffeine is a game changer

    Whenever I abstain from caffeine, but especially coffee I get: -amazingly restorative sleep -my skin is more hydrated -my teeth are whiter -less sweat, less body odor -less neurotic and tweaky I love the taste of coffee and I love the ritual (making it and then "locking and loading" for...
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    Language Learning Experiences

    Do not learn them at the same time. It is very hard, and actually very counterproductive. I would recommend learning one first, whichever one you have more interest in and the one that you think you'll put the hours into the easier. Simply just strapping down and putting the hours in is very...
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    Honestly, it’s sad but the largest limiting factor for quality sleep for me is caffeine intake. If I go even one day without having any, my sleep is greatly improved. Next is blue light/technology. Even 10 mins of meditation followed by reading a quality fiction book with minimal light or...
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    1 Year Drinking Wagon Challenge for 2014

    I don't know if this is a wagon-approved method. But I've found that the new Heineken 0.0 is awesome for whenever you just want that beer taste or want to have a beer in your hand during a social event (like summer barbecue, most don't do mixed drinks). 69 calories (140+ in normal) and it tastes...
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    1 Year Drinking Wagon Challenge for 2014

    I have a question for you Lizard. Since many will probably have a good amount of solitude at home because of current events... are there any movies or especially books you would recommend? Not specifically dealing with drinking or the like, but maybe dealing with opening up to the world outside...
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    1 Year Drinking Wagon Challenge for 2014

    Read this entire thread starting over a year back, some posts multiple times. I knew I needed to do this, but never fully felt it until now. I'm still on the fence about an official wagon, but deep down I feel now is the time for it as I turn 28 this year. Even in the past 5 weeks since I've...
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    Techno Appreciation Thread

    Gotta love Klock
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    What to do after Graduating?

    You may want to get a job that has a start date that gives you a 3 month gap, or allows for a 3 month delay. With that amount of time you can easily trial run that travel lifestyle you want. I'm 26 now and did a 4 month trip after graduation but before work (had a job lined up). This, along...