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    Race riots 2020

    Hasn't his business been closed the last 2 months?
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    Race riots 2020

    Yes. Anytime there is a protest/mob featuring a Black Lives Matter sign, the bosheviks are pulling the strings. The boots on the ground don't know it, but BLM as an organization is run by trannies and lesbians (elevating losers to ensure they are loyal and will do your bidding is Marxism 101)...
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    Jeffrey Epstein arrested for sex trafficking

    I watched a few episodes of Filthy Rich. The main purpose seems to be to convince us that Epstein is such a psychopathic manipulator he was able to con billionaires into giving him control over their finances for investment purposes. Wexner was on in crying about how he had been duped. Steven...
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    Karen meme

    Karens are feminists who believed that they fought the patriarchy and earned the right accoutrements, and as such they will be respected by everyone. They believe they are special and are shocked when it does not happen, so they flip out. They really believe that fighting their way into a...
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    The Zoomer thread

    Zoomers seem to feel awkward because they have been told they are awkward since the time they were born, and grew up thinking that awkward is normal. As a Gen Xer, I now see when words are used to shape a generation's minds. It was done to me of course, but I didn't know it. If you go to imdb...
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    Karen meme

    Can't say I have ever seen any of these races act in an authoritative manner and enlist the cops at the drop of a hat. Leticia and Maria yells and screams on her own for prideful nonsense, and Bhanumati is similar but from a princess standpoint and much less physically aggressive. I don't know...
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    Single women in their 30s/40s are starting to realize they will die alone

    No, in 1988 the agenda was there but still subtle compared to what you saw in the 90s. Teens in 1988 were adults in 1998. The gay agenda at least started with Soap in the 70s. And I can remember an episode on The Jeffersons pushing trannyism in the late 70s too. Trannyism as a weapon against the...
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    Older Guys: What Are Your Challenges Dating Younger Women?

    Seems to me she does not *believe* in anything just yet, but wants to sound like she does. Believing in the rights of 2% of the population isn't worthy of an announcement. Unless that is all you have.
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    Single women in their 30s/40s are starting to realize they will die alone

    I think your age group is suffering under the weight of "equality" and that is on purpose. You have heard too many times about equality, and when you really believe it, you can't see how you can be better than your peers and excel. If someone says a man is the fastest sprinter, fastest running...
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    Fat people thread

    Sugar - it triggers us for good reason, for in our hunter gatherer days it was a sign of dense calories easily converted into energy. Sugar is meant to be stored as fat. Gorging on sugar made sense as days or weeks later you may be fighting or running from a predator. But now we do't burn it off...
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    Donald Trump orders all churches "essential" and be opened immediately

    This is a lot of fear mongering, just look at how they use the phrase "attack rates". If a healthy person is "attacked" by COVID-19, who cares? They will either get slightly sick, or not get sick at all. If you did not test them, they would not even show up on anyone's radar. No one would know...
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    The Honk pill (Clown World)

    This is an easy one. Anytime someone (i.e. white liberal) tries to tell you to use LatinX, tell them they are robbing trannies of their right to use Latina and Latino as a form of communicating their gender expression identity.
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    Coronavirus Lounge thread

    I border this state. The trannie is on tv every day explaining why science must be followed in order to open up the economy. Zir comes on tv when I think about taking a nap, and instead I exercise.
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    Coronavirus Lounge thread

    Aren't these the same people who throw science out the window when it comes to trannies?
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    Coronavirus Lounge thread

    No worries, here is the solution NY Times: Can Estrogen and Other Sex Hormones Help Men Survive Covid-19? Men are more likely than women to die of the coronavirus, so scientists are treating them with something women have more of: female sex hormones.
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    Michelle Obama says she had to give up her "aspirations and dreams" of becoming Barack's "equal" when she had children.

    I wonder what she said after it was cut off. Frankly this is the most reasonable thing she's ever said. After she married and had children, she had to follow her husband instead of selfishly following her own whims and desires. This is how it's supposed to be.
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    Is there a way to prove that these were actually recently filmed? These days I would not be surprised to learn that old videos are being rebranded as corona parties. In fact I suspect it happens.
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    We started "shelter in place" a month ago, with people posting "stay at home" bs memes immediately. And still do. The day the shelter in place kicked in, I started running again every morning for 20 minutes. And I run/jog 30 minutes in the evening to meet a friend for 30-45 minutes of...
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    Today I dropped off packages at a Fed Ex retail ship center. My mask was on my forehead. The place was empty, with 2 employees 20+ feet away from the counter. My packages were ready and only needed to be unloaded from my personal cart onto the right place for them. As I always do when I...
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    Your Top 5 Christian Songs

    On Collective Soul I was a disaster in the 90s. Romantically fatalistic daily IV drug user living in the Lower East Side of NYC. Through all those years a favorite song - and still is - is a Collective Soul song I'd sing over and over alone to myself day after miserable day. And you know what...