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  1. Orson

    Popularity of "Black lives matter"

    We need a new T-shirt: “Black People Against BLM -survey”
  2. Orson

    U.S. Government Official death toll predictions on Jan. 1, 2021

    The best measure for CV19 is weekly excess mortality rates. The highest I’ve seen were in Europe, from 50% higher than last year, same time, to 9x, if I recall correctly. Does the 50%, for example, mean 50% were dying of the new virus? No, likely more. Why? Because of lockdown and much less...
  3. Orson

    Coronavirus vaccine thread

    Dr Fauci says 70% effectiveness is good enough for him. Measles vaccine is among the highest at 97%. Common seasonal flu vaccines rarely reach 50%. A recent study I read about suggests that those infected achieve vigorous immune effects for only three months or less. SARS 1 lasted a year! No...
  4. Orson

    Health treatments and prevention for Coronavirus

    Max Vitamin D, plus a daily HCQ + Zinc supplement for prophylacti.The new Marseille study shows HCQ+Az works, but since I react with side effects, Doxycycline is my go to. Plus, new monoclonal antibodies bring ICU death rate down from 50% to just 10%. This virus cris is getting maneagable, even...
  5. Orson

    Good YT Video about Communist Insurrection

    The Climate Justice movement and the Green New Deal, as a cover for the anarchist sunrise movement in schools, is a foundation tool for BLM led protests and Antifa rioting: Millennial Mille’s 20 minute video Undercover Investigation - Minneapolis Riots Were Preplanned “What you are about to...
  6. Orson

    Our schools are next

    Homeschool revolt, if you want a revolution to restore sanity, American exceptionalism, and Western civilisation.
  7. Orson

    Race riots 2020

    Oh, Trump could do it - if Team GOP were anything other than sissy’s made up of cooked linguine. The man cannot do it all alone, with his side composed of half-hearted Mitch, traitors like Romney, and globalist sellouts like Grahamnesty. Any successful leader in a great crisis, like Eisenhower...
  8. Orson

    Race riots 2020

    Your Leftist friend might be credentialed. But he is not educated. To go by his reckoning, I‘m blameless, too, because I have slavery victimization in my past to the Ottoman Turks and Muslim Persia, as well. Thus, I ought to be rioting without guilt and without penalty or accountability! And...
  9. Orson

    Coronavirus Lounge thread

    Young Germans get their groove back! how else do you put it? One couple put it awkwardly with the term “socially distant disco.“ The London Telegraph labels this event a drive-in auto based rave! Whatever may be accurate, please look at this minute long video to see creative adaptation of...
  10. Orson

    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

    The thread “Corona virus may be incurable...”;was closed with out an answer. Specifically, what if the virus can be reactivated? And never comletely cleared? The answer, also coming from South Korea, is the usual one, ie, the simplest one: test measurement problems like false positives and...
  11. Orson

    The decline of rock music

    Yeah, say it Dallas! There’s a video on YouTube entitled the decade line of popular music. A year or two ago I gave it a listen. He adds to the points you’ve made in your concluding sentence, pointing out the formula used for hits by multiple hit making singers. And that, musically speaking...
  12. Orson

    General Flynn Was Framed by Deep State

    Ah. Popa-Boner-Octopus! You, sir, have won the coveted Wayne’s World Prize for excellence in juvenile humour. Or at least you made me LOLx6! and could have gleefully shoot milk from my nostrils in the process. You have an important talent in these trying times. Thank you.
  13. Orson

    General Flynn Was Framed by Deep State

    I don’t see a Spygate thread just now, to post this at. But given the news this past week, mostly about Flynn, this oughta do: very brief and oddly stimulating ultra short version of Obamagate. Some points are either wrong (Covid19 tossed in at the end), or else put in for humorous effect, I...
  14. Orson

    Coronavirus Economic, Cultural, Political Ramifications

    Real estate is ruled by location, location, location. For example, when my mother died seven years ago, my sisters and I inherited an undeveloped parcel of land on a major freeway at the East edge of metro MSP (Minnesota). My oldest sister agreed to pay property tax on it. After a year or...
  15. Orson

    When & how should the quarantines end?

    In the UK, early retired Dentist (don’t laugh, he gained honour in physics and biology also) from a large practice in London, Nick, has opined on coming post-lockdown travel control measures. First, he expects that from 6 to 8 months after Lockdown in the UK ends, people out in public will be...
  16. Orson

    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III

    Agreed. Solid answers of basic issues are important. For example, what are microdroplets? Can we see them in action (since we are told that viruses can transmit this way)? And how can we prevent disease infection from them? This 6 minute video from Japanese TV answers these questions with...
  17. Orson

    Keeping busy, entertained, productive during the coronavirus epidemic

    Ok, how about entertainment? How about free movies with the theme of viral epidemics! Too much? Well, these two dozen pics rely too much on zombies for my tastes (World War Z excepted). So, maybe you don’t wanna overdose on them...
  18. Orson

    When & how should the quarantines end?

    THIS graph illustrates the social dynamic involved. Joanne Nova introduces this long, long piece by engineer Tomas Pueyo. The original had been shared over 21 million times not quite three weeks ago. Jo Nova is a science blogger whose university degree is in microbiology. Here is her...
  19. Orson

    When & how should the quarantines end?

    How should the quarantine end? With submission of the virus to mankind’s dominance, of course! With enough tools of detection, we can do this. Without them, we simply must isolate ourselves and Wait out the virus lifecycle. “Deprive it of bodies” can defeat it! Below is a graph of what this...