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    Will the riots be to the benefit or detriment to The Democratic Party?

    He could charge and make examples if local officials refusing to enforce laws
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    Will the riots be to the benefit or detriment to The Democratic Party?

    I don’t think the deep state works that way. It’s the establishments independent dog
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    What are you currently reading?

    Those numbers are inflated for political cold war reasons. The real catastrophe of mao is that his Great Leap Forward built up the country adequately for the bosses to move our industry there.
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    Will the riots be to the benefit or detriment to The Democratic Party?

    Total fail by trump. Looking weak and demoralizing his base. Emboldening the orcs
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    Best English Language Bible?

    Masoretic texts are purposely flawed by rabbis in the tenth century
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    Best English Language Bible?

    I like nkjv by nelson. It keeps the king james poetry and has the older masoretic and alexandrian texts in foot notes and primarily uses receptus textus
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    Good church organization with young adults

    People like orthodox on here but there’s not much congregation choice where I live in America. Any other denominations out there or more information about orthodox in? Fellowship is important to me
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    Federal job security clearances and suitability

    Does anyone know anything about this process. I have specific and general questions
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    Good remaining alt media and commentary

    Seemed like there was a plethora of options before the censorship. I assumed there was something out there I just didn’t know. I am familiar with most of the listed outlets
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    Good remaining alt media and commentary

    Are there any alt media or intellectual commentary sites out there that have not been censored yet? I like gonzo journalism like mark ames exile site
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    Best Malcolm Gladwell book?

    Gladwell is a mercenary. He used to shill for tobacco companies in the 1980s about cancer science.
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    Great female historians

    On a lark, I thought I would list two great American female historians as we often don’t see that often here. One is barbara tuckman who wrote “through a distant mirror,” about how the change from feudalism to market society was a bigger transition than from our own modern changes. She also...
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    Why do girls like feminine k-pop guys?

    Koreans have left their plant based diets and eat exclusively meat since the 1980s, so these kpop idols are much taller and stronger than ythe surrounding Asians. That’s why asian girls like it. Pop culture in asia is pretty sappy.
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    USA cultural vectors into Europe

    I first realized american media was a vector of poison in the world, chastising Japanese high school girls in my class for liking sex ini the city for example. I remember a time when one needed to watch a subtitle rental as streaming was not prevalent. National media were restricted to the...
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    Cheatue Heatiste

    Are there any great sites out there like the old CH? How about American First sites?
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    The Goodwhite Thread

    The issue is there is a hostile media that created a fake narrative that this man died exclusively from the cops miss-action, as opposed to drugs and heart condition being variables. This was the excuse for elite NGOs (e.g. Ford Foundation) groups, like BLM acted as agitators creating riots...
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    The Goodwhite Thread

    That's the common theme here: White women. Psyops studies during the cold war showed that women were more susceptible to propaganda and were the main recipients of CIA propaganda; however, in those days, women were more conservative, and that is the extent the propaganda took place. In the 21st...
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    Chance of Another Shut-Down

    What was street game like in those cities and when? I have had some lmited experience in those locales, women negative attitudes are as comsurate as their beauty. What would you do?
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    After three years of intense app-based investing, with all the technical charts (but not options information), I have decided to just do Vanguard index funds. I was not successful with day trading. You could spend time at work and have alarms set off, read news, look at futures, etc.--do...
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    Being married is sapping my desire for life

    Is the constantly doing things with the wife a universal expectation? I like my alone time, reading, youtube, gaming, exercising, etc.? I also like to keep buddies and girlfriends in sepaarate worlds. What do wives expect in this matter? I know that women seem to have guy friends these days...