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    Race riots 2020

    Ho Chi Minh fought with the allies in WW2 and pled with the Americans to help him after the war ended, but they repeatedly ignored him. Out of desperation, he turned to the largest superpower, the USSR, and then America decided he was an enemy and attacked him. So again, the US was on the...
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    Race riots 2020

    How much of that was simply due to homosexuality being so pervasive in Weimar Germany? The US military and Starbucks are the only major employers who will pay for sex change operations, and thus there are a not insignificant number of trannies in the military. Weimar Germany was supposedly...
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    Ethiopians Block US Freeway, Demand US Govt. Intervention in Ethiopia

    So much careless Ethiopians Have gone astray So much careless Ethiopians Have lost their way They calling up an Antichrist Each night and day Pray for a god to come from outer space
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    Explanation of nightly fireworks

    I have friends all over the country reporting fireworks going off every night. I first noticed it when the race riots really kicked off, and there was burning and looting, and thought it was guns being fired into the air. But it has continued on night after night and they are clearly (mostly)...
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    Alternatives to police. Technological control grid?

    It's far easier to just have your ApplePay account disabled or enabled at various tiers, than it is to call in government enforcers to chase you, write you tickets, or put you in their jail with free room and board. I suspect this is the future. I was shocked to read that China has already...
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III

    Or maybe they died from increased stress, heart attacks (a friend's healthy father just died from one last week), and mental health problems associated with the lockdown. If they died from physical causes, the lockdown also cannot be ruled out as a factor. Almost everyone is physically weaker...
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    Race riots 2020

    You can look back at every single conflict of the last 100 years, and the US almost invariably picks the worst side to support. Forgetting the idea of a "just war," can you even name a single conflict where the US picked the side of the good guys? it's to the point where I just hear...
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    Racist tweets by Cambridge University Professor Priyamvada Gopal

    Jim Rogers wrote two enjoyable books about traveling the world, from a financial perspective. (Investment Biker and Adventure Capitalist). He has interesting comments on many countries, and they are all flawed in certain ways. The big flaw with India was its absurd bureaucracy, which can be...
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    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy This story shows the absolute absurdity of the lockdowns. 140 hair cut customers were seen and treated in close proximity by 2 hair stylists who "had coronavirus." They spent...
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    The Stefan Molyneux Thread

    Of course there is *some* of the petty name calling by the right as well. But leftist critiques have become *NOTHING* more than name calling. I want them to explain why it is bad or wrong to be a Nazi. Not just to throw the word around. If they come across a group of well dressed...
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    The Stefan Molyneux Thread

    I do not understand why bitchute's search function is completely broken. Couldn't they use some 20 year old search tech from Altavista or Lycos to make that work? It's surely the most important part of a video site. I never cared for Stefan. A faux intellectual. A long winded self...
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    I Wish I Remained A Virgin

    What an amazing transformation. Hallelujah! While sex is one of the most pleasurable physical sensations I have experienced, it is such a fleeting sensation, and even a few minutes after the act, there is no residual pleasure from it, and in fact feelings of guilt or doubt or negativity may...
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    Fake and Gay Hollywood: Are Famous People Really Transgender?

    Good to know. I certainly didn't remember her. She was however, on the cover of Playboy. Apparently she actually has a rare medical condition related to her sexuality, and was never really a normal man. And in her...
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    Leftism destroys beauty (before and after pictures)

    This mind virus that causes people to embrace ugliness or attempt change their sex is orders of magnitude more terrifying to me than the 2020 strain of the flu. I fully support shutting everything down until we can eliminate this mortal threat to humanity. Once it is eradicated, we can slowly...
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    L’Oreal Will Remove Words Like ‘Whitening’ from Skin Products

    Ha ha... If you can't say "whitening, lightening, or fair skinned" how exactly can you market creme that lightens the skin color? This stuff is huge in Asia. Really, what other words could one use? Can people no longer have a preference for light skin? Can we have a preference for hair...
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    Race riots 2020

    That just cannot be real. It looks like a Christopher Guest film.
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    Alternative, privacy focused email providers similar to Gmail and 'promotional' mail

    It is possible, and that is in fact what I did. I used a burner phone with a foreign SIM card. I didn't even install Signal on that device: merely used it for the activation code. I used it to connect to a single American friend on Signal. I also used that burner phone to create a Facebook...
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    Alternative, privacy focused email providers similar to Gmail and 'promotional' mail

    Signal requires a phone number in order to activate an account. I have personal experience that it is not secure. Anything that wants your real phone number is highly suspicious. Even the unsecured chat apps like AOL messenger never asked for something like that. Yes, your email will not be...
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III

    Focus on the facts: Do you know anyone who contracted this illness? Did anything bad happen to them? For a long time I knew no one. I finally know one friend who found out he had it through testing, and had to stay quarantined for 2 weeks, even though he never felt ill. I know of no one...
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    Race riots 2020

    One correction--the police in America *kill* around a thousand Americans a year. Not shoot. Last year they killed 9 unarmed black men, or less than 1% of the total. What this tells you is that there is a big police violence problem in this country, but that there doesn't seem to be a racial...