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    Professional Sports Thread

    So a NBA player decided to stand for the national anthem. This was so shocking now he's getting the Goya beans treatment from righties. He recently tore his knee to the schadenfraude of the lefty NBA twitter morons. I mean all good luck to him but its these kind of stupid stories I can't stand...
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    Popularity of "Black lives matter"

    In our unofficial town square we had BLM protesters a month ago. This week I saw some people in the same spot holding Jesus signs. I have a little more hope.
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    Complaints of Donald Trump thread

    All he does is enrich people who hate him and his supporters.
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    Race riots 2020

    I'm pretty sure its related to Marxism. Kinda like if you're a Marxist can't just say "workers in a factory need better lunches in the canteen" its "the proletariat is alienated from their nutrients and want more but the burgeoise control the means of production in the kitchen". It makes them...
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    Jeffrey Epstein arrested for sex trafficking

    Alex Jones talked about Bill Clinton going to Epstein's pedo island for a long time. Since I've been listening, about 5 years. I think its just amazing how the guy gets bashed even though he's right about so many things. Alex just says things in a matter of fact way: "Bill Clinton flew on...
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    The new cold war with China

    I saw someone asking how banning Tiktok is going to help the Uighurs. Basically if you're a American you want to see China have less leverage over our country. China is going from simply making things to producing decent pop culture. I already see english speaking people who like K-pop or Korean...
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    The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thread

    People don't understand the Sebastian Shaw effect. Trump has this mutant power, AOC does too.
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    Complaints of Donald Trump thread

    His love of top brands is a huge flaw. This is why he's constantly raging about the NY Times but would still give a interview to them at some point instead of Infowars. Same with Chris Wallace of FOX News which went pretty much you'd expect. The man hates the msm but he still likes the prestige...
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    Seoul’s Mayor Found Dead on July 10th, 2020.

    What's really frustrating to see is after the mayor committed suicide the accuser came forward saying SHE was the real victim because she couldn't find justice and that she was being harassed then on cue a bunch of english language articles from the msm sprouted about how this proved the women...
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    Race riots 2020

    I'm going to cut down on reading the news. I've followed all the SJW stuff since Gamergate and it climaxed with the BLM riots and I don't think its good for my health and it makes me less productive in life. I think this is especially true for 4chan types who live for every "happening" and just...
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    The new cold war with China

    Its good he mention it but I wish people would show genuine compassion towards the Uighurs plight not just throw it in to win a argument about China or liberal hypocrisy. We've been so bombarded with SJW fake social justice bs we've forgotten to really show sympathy for the genuinely oppressed...
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    Race riots 2020

    China virus then SJW virus.
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    Riots Lounge thread When its a black person vs jews
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    The Donald Trump thread

    It was a good speech but we need action not words.
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    North Korea Conflict Thread

    A major problem with North Korea isn't North Korea its people exploiting North Korea to enrich themselves or making stupid little memes or turning it into some big joke. A great example is DPRK News parody account on Twitter. Some smug stupid little shits who do it secretly hoping for a book or...
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    Migrant invasion of Europe

    Man you don't even know what you're talking about. Korea (when it was unified) was never 100% Buddhist. I don't think there are exact figures but it was always a balance of Confucianism and Buddhism. Of course Confucianism wasn't a religion per sey but those were the two dominant...
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    Complaints of Donald Trump thread

    Good read.
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    CHAZ - Capital Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle

    The Seattle mayor is not the bad guy just a mini evil. The real evil in the area is Kwshama Sawant, Indian socialist who is part of the Seattle city council. She literally opened the door to let protesters (domestic terrorists) in Seattle city hall now she directed protesters (domestic...
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    Avoid all modern Hollywood with the exceptions named in this thread

    I'm watching Hong Kong films these days. Its not really hard to avoid Hollywood films because there really isn't a single thing that tempts me. Even minus the politics and homo agenda their films flat out suck. I think the greatest temptation is when you're in a social circle and they want to...
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    The Donald Trump thread

    Next Trump rally the crowd needs to chant "Fire Jared". The rallies are only good for getting Trump to hear what his supporters think unfiltered.