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    We should have alliance systems to counter leftist online mobbings.

    A football coach was bullied by the leftist online mob to issue a groveling apology on video for wearing a OAN shirt on a private fishing trip recently. There are hundreds of these mobbings happening right now. Many people on the right are calling the football coach Gundy and other people who...
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    John Bolton's book

    Excerpt from his book (Behind paywall) I hate John Bolton like many people. I think he's a traitorious little weasel for writing this book but I'm more mad...
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    The Korea Conflict Thread

    I want to write a summary of what's going on in South Korea right now in terms of identity/SJW politics and how that plays out with their relationship with North Korea. I felt the redpill/altright/whatever blogosphere is so bereft of anyone with redpilled analysis of the Koreas so I felt...
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    Professional Sports Thread

    Is it worth watching sports anymore? Like Hollywood and Big Tech its been totally corrupted by social justice. You turn on ESJW, I mean ESPN, and its just non-stop social justice talk that is only peripherally related to sports. Beyond the fact its become another social justice propaganda...
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    Incels are Vampires

    A couple years ago I was desperate and thought I would never get a girlfriend and be alone forever. Then I came across the Return of Kings post about Wilkes McDermid a asian man who committed suicide after he was despondent about being unable to get a girlfriend. This made me even more scared...
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    Real life "The Denouncer"

    Less dramatic but the same moral of the story.
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    Should the dissident right start using Chinese social media sites?

    Sina Weibo, Youku and WeChat and many others. I want to support Gab, Voat and the other pro-free speech social media sites but I think we should have our eggs in as many baskets as we can. As we've seen with the recent stunt w Microsoft demanding Gab removing a post pretty much any social...
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    Cops not welcome at restaurant in Washington State The entire FB post by the sheriff Being the son of asian immigrants who were small business owners I immediately got suspicious. Its a stereotype but asians aren't the type to make this type...
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    ESPN documentary on Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax

    ESPN just aired a documentary on the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax. I haven't watched it but based on the reactions on Twitter it seemed to do a good job in telling the truth which in itself is shocking considering it was aired by ESPN a major pusher of SJW propoganda. I haven't seen the doc but I...
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    Lauren Southern assaulted by transexuals Well Roosh got off easy by comparison. Seriously though this is outrageous.
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    Peter Liang and the SJW divide in the Asian Community

    In case you're not familiar with the story a asian-american NYPD officer, was convicted of shooting a a unarmed black man. I haven't been following the case closely but like in a lot of these cases...
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    Should we reach out to cops? I feel frustrated after reading articles like this because it seems like the police are just flailing wildly without any idea who their real enemy is...