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  1. la bodhisattva

    NBA players - 'systematic racism'

    These fucking retards actually think the thugs and fags looting and burning are the ones who keep professional sports in business (esp the NFL). Contributing members of society do not support kneeling or the bullshit narrative of systemic racism. Systemic oppression exists in China and we saw...
  2. la bodhisattva

    Fat people thread

    Fat-shaming used to be a tactic of the left against the "fast-food eating, camo-wearing, truck-driving, Southern, rednecks." That was at the height of the Whole Foods mystique, back when access to organic, locally-sourced foods was a sign that you lived in a wealthy, liberal suburban enclave...
  3. la bodhisattva

    The Honk pill (Clown World)

    Notice how no one in the media ever includes the gender-neutral term for garbageman? No no, keep that low-status job to the men. "Neutrality" only applies to professions that carry societal pedigree. It's the same logic as women fighting for more female engineers due to unacceptable 65/35 male...
  4. la bodhisattva

    TikTok nurse phenomenon

    I don't want to pour salt on the wound, but keep looking, man. In all my vapid, "playboy" days, I've never found a group of women so wholesome and worthwhile as your younger, churching-going (Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, didn't matter), elementary school teachers. However, it must be stated...
  5. la bodhisattva

    TikTok nurse phenomenon

    I work in education and it's a combination of opposites. Middle and High School teachers are pretty degenerate, bitchy, and slutty. There might be some perverted component of desiring undue authority over 17-year-old, prime of their lives males. And the sexual predation cannot be understated...
  6. la bodhisattva

    TikTok nurse phenomenon

    That's a very interesting statement? Do you have more details? Are others in the medical field starting to turn on nurses? From my experience and the anecdotal evidence from every other guy I know, nurses are the most self-indulgent, slutty, bitches in the West.
  7. la bodhisattva

    Young Woman Buys Dream Home With Money Made from OnlyFans

    Cookie-cutter house in a cookie-cutter neighborhood in what is likely the suburb of a heartless city. It's all as empty as her. The perfect, hollow container for a soulless body. That said, the slut is renting at best or easily just outside someone else's house. Based on the lot...
  8. la bodhisattva

    Joe Exotic

    This just occurred to me... Have you noticed that boys are "molested" and girls/women are "raped"? Even a drunk, degenerate 35-year-old slut is who regrets a hookup is more of a victim than an eight-year-old boy routinely violated by a faggot (another thing the media always conveniently...
  9. la bodhisattva

    Eating bugs is good for you and will save the environment

    Eating insects aside is it not a rather accepted practice across time and cultures that you typically don't eat carnivores? Kill a bear and open him up to see the difference between it and a deer. The amount of parasites is absolutely revolting. It's not a coincidence that every God-forsaken...
  10. la bodhisattva

    Roosh Hour #39: February 22, 2020 @ 5pm EST

    Not even a "hint" for those who live there. That was a neon-lit advert for the natives. I might run into you at the grocery store.... Pendelton? Tucker? Grant? Pocahontas? Randolph?
  11. la bodhisattva

    More men join nursing field as stigma starts to fade

    I'm just curious about what your profession is.
  12. la bodhisattva

    The Jordan Peterson thread

    owen is absolutely reveling in the sadness and hardships that have befallen the Peterson family. He can barely hold back his excitement. Claiming the family is lying about JP's wife having cancer? The daughter referring to JP as "dad" instead of "my dad" is a sign of mental problems in owen's...
  13. la bodhisattva

    Why is the left going nuts about healthy lifestyle choices?

    Healthy people have admirable qualities often attained through hard work and dedication that results in happiness and fulfillment, neither of which leftists have. It syncs with the left as envy is as natural to them as breathing. They see others' happiness and want it for themselves but cannot...
  14. la bodhisattva

    Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

    Yes, the change has been drastic and I'm not referring to the reorientation to religion (which as always be part of my life). I'm honestly surprised that I haven't seen a post praising his death because he never sufficiently addressed one of the new sacred cow talking points of the board's...
  15. la bodhisattva

    Video games

    Here's the question I'd like to pose these morons. Why does Henry Cavill, Chris Pratt/Hemsworth/Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Christian Bale, the cast of 300, and every other actor in an action movie go through months of intensive physical training? Chris Pratt was an athletic guy who got...
  16. la bodhisattva

    New cars come with 4G connections that phone home your location

    The clocks are striking thirteen but the lemmings are distracted by the bells and whistles.
  17. la bodhisattva

    Incels taking the white pill?

    It seems like prostitution by another name to me. Those Cambodian girls are not attracted to anything these sex tourists offer beyond their ability to provide them with the first piece of literal meat that they've likely had in a month. The whore from Atlanta who makes no pretenses about the...
  18. la bodhisattva

    Incels taking the white pill?

    Going to an impoverished Asian backwater to score some poon because you can impress the 28-year-old woman who looks 15 and has only worn shoes 10x in her life by offering her a night in a hotel with electricity and running water isn't exactly the answer to these guys' problem(s).
  19. la bodhisattva

    Reporter slapped by man during race coverage: "He took my power"

    She's exploiting the situation. In the end, it will help her career and she'll look back on this moment as one that ultimately benefited her. However... Keep your fucking hands to yourself. If some shit wit decided to do that do my girlfriend, sister, daughter, or mother, I can guarantee...