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  1. Leonard D Neubache

    Democrats’ ‘War Game’ for Election Includes West Coast Secession, Possible Civil War

    That's what has been happening over the last 30 years in particular. "If we just give them this little thing then they'll chill out and we can all just get along." Those people didn't realize that the demands were a prop for the aggression, not the other way around. Hence you have to trick...
  2. Leonard D Neubache

    Decoding the words and works of Bill Gates

    continued... If true, it's the smoking gun that proves Trump is a deep state phony.
  3. Leonard D Neubache

    Democrats’ ‘War Game’ for Election Includes West Coast Secession, Possible Civil War

    It's the narrative that counts. You advocate for separation because it's the moral position. "You guys can do what you want in your own space". And when they inevitably decline then their position becomes clear. They are not interested in living to their own values in their own space. They...
  4. Leonard D Neubache

    Riots Lounge thread

    Under the current circumstances the concept of a quaint 70's mugging seems laughable. Does that even happen anymore? Some bad dood pulls a knife and says "hand it all over, honky!"
  5. Leonard D Neubache

    Massive explosion rocks Beirut, national news says its “fireworks “

    Re: Israel being able to act with impunity, it's a mix. There's a delicate balancing act to the most effective use of whatever power you have. If Israel went full retard then it wouldn't matter how much the msm shilled for them. At best it would be the ZOGs vs all the other regional powers and...
  6. Leonard D Neubache

    Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists

    Arms hold weapons. The dogs are trained to neutralize the threat so it can be taken out or taken into custody. These guys are usually deployed on perimeter defense in non-warzones IIRC. They are not looking to train dogs to rip the face off of a drunk civilian or a lost hunter.
  7. Leonard D Neubache

    Race riots 2020

    Balaclavas and locally-common ATVs should be on the shopping list of suburbanites. Dont give the game away.
  8. Leonard D Neubache

    The Donald Trump thread

  9. Leonard D Neubache

    The Jewish Question (JQ) thread

    Draw out the bad goys how? I hate to break it to you but (assuming you're here in good faith) participating on this forum regardless of your post history marks you for much worse than "fired, bank account cancelled, jobless, homeless". Everyone is marked. Heck, they don't want more than 10% of...
  10. Leonard D Neubache

    Riots Lounge thread

    Insanity is a strange thing because it's very difficult to simply accept that someone is insane and cut your losses on trying to reason with them. "Don't smear feces on your face, Jimmy. Listen to the nice nurses. Remember the last four times? You weren't happy afterward, were you? No. That's...
  11. Leonard D Neubache

    Preparedness During Civil Strife

    Rex Kwan Do, people. Buddy system! No more flying solo!
  12. Leonard D Neubache

    Complaints of Donald Trump thread

    Sure. As long as you pay tax on $157,000 I doubt they really care what your low-estimate is. :like:
  13. Leonard D Neubache

    Joe Biden thread

    I want to hear more stories about Corn Pop. And to hell with anyone who disagrees. Corn Pop... was a bad dude.
  14. Leonard D Neubache

    Race riots 2020

    If Satan wanted to destroy the entire planet and he owns all the elites who have the means to do it, doesn't it follow that it would have already happened? Once again, folks. Don't get wrapped up in the same old folly of presuming that "this time it's different, because..." Does the whole of...
  15. Leonard D Neubache

    Race riots 2020

    I don't know. Ask the Founders. Meanwhile you still foolishly seem to believe that you have any viable options other than fight, flee or suck up your suffering. The last 4 years have apparently taught you nothing. Conservative amnesia ought to be diagnosable as a brain disorder. You are now...
  16. Leonard D Neubache

    Race riots 2020

    Your hunch is not supported by the broader scripture. You are as a child who, having bought his first barometer, declares himself to be a weatherman.
  17. Leonard D Neubache

    Race riots 2020

    Ahh there we have it, revealed. So when folks were talking about "liberals who didn't care about conservatives being persecuted until they ended up on the chopping block themselves" FTTX evidently fits that bill. Because he believes that until ten years ago people were more or less free to live...
  18. Leonard D Neubache

    Race riots 2020

    You managed to get Orange Hitler elected, someone (theoretically) considerably further Right than anyone imagined was possible to elect. You won the House and the Senate too. Nothing got fixed on a structural level. Things got worse instead. So let's presume you managed to win over a huge...
  19. Leonard D Neubache

    Joe Biden thread

    I used to think that was a good idea but they'd only end up selling those states to China for aid to keep their marxist utopias running for a year or two. If you had a leader with any balls then you might as well just launch a new Crusade against what is by any reasonable analysis a satanic...