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  1. EndlessGravity

    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

    We've known 4 people and my wife's friend's elderly relative got it. Mild symptoms in the 4. The elderly relative was sick but survived... even though he has a co-morbility that will probably and certainly kill him this year. We're in the center of what the media is calling the epidemic.
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    Real estate decline 2020

    I was aware that the big five banks had stopped doing HELOCS. However, since we're in the process of selling and then buying, I called my bank to talk to them about their lending standards. This was just to make sure we weren't blindsided by anything. So, our bank is not a big five but it is...
  3. EndlessGravity

    Don't laugh but do any of you use anti-ageing skin creams?

    Not a chance I'd use them. Why would you, really?
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    Race riots 2020

    Preparing your family for the U.S. dollar to lose reserve status and become a mere regional power. Hopefully you can find a small community where basic law and order exist and you're all mostly left alone to continue life. Anything else is naive wishful thinking after what we've seen.
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    Davos crowd pushing for a “Great Reset” of the world economy

    A jubilee really is the only choice, sooner or later. We're going to be forced into one either way and that's partially what you're witnessing now. Probably not. The current global depression is deflationary and nothing can change that now. We might get 5 or 10 more years with zero growth...
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    The 2020 Stock Market Crash Thread

    Go take a look at the yield curve and how many emergency programs the Fed is doing. Then let me know if you think the global dollar shortage is over yet or not.
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    Race riots 2020

    I'm allies with the sort of men you mention. These men will, almost certainly, turn on you in time. Not every one of them but you have no way to tell which ones. A recent example: during the dust-up in Portland with the Feds, a nice handful of these "allies" became very vocal with me about how...
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    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

    Appears to be false according to Snopes, etc.
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    Race riots 2020

    We are fast approaching a time when it won't matter what the reason is that someone doesn't see whatever problem behind whatever situation. Think for awhile on this one: your friends are probably not your allies, however nice you think they are. They don't share your values, even though it may...
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    Good states to live in the United States

    Bring the beer; I'll fire up the grill. :cool:
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    Good states to live in the United States

    Yes, we'll have to agree to disagree. Your piece says we can all get along but that's simply not the case in the situation I'm describing. You can see it in @FullThrottleTX's response, which I respond to below. Your entitlement is clear. You believe you have a right to another place and don't...
  12. EndlessGravity

    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    Employee: "Sir, you have to wear a mask." Me: "Got it. Thank you." Proceeding to keep walking. Employee: "Sir, you have to wear a mask." Me: "Oh, yes, we're not wearing masks." Employee: confused, semi-compliant look. Me: "Can you imagine depriving the world of these incredible lips?" Pointing...
  13. EndlessGravity

    The 2020 Stock Market Crash Thread

    We mostly agree (especially about the coming meltdown) but I'll add one more piece of information. Japan has been buying their stock market for... more than a decade now? Look at the price. They can't even get it back to all time highs with all that buying. I don't have any faith in the govt or...
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    Could this be a thread strictly for theological books?

    An excellent idea. Two obvious but often recommended books, both by C.S. Lewis... Mere Christianity A Grief Observed The second seems to be a well-respected book by older gentlemen I've known and I've been meaning to ask @Roosh if he's read it and if so, his thoughts.
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    Good states to live in the United States

    Unfortunately your comment is misguided. I speak from experience. NYSers show up, never shut up about how great it was in NY, and proceed to vote in more stupidity. Is it as bad as NYCers? No, but nearly so. I don't know upstate politics but your conservatives become more of our liberals, at...
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    Do you see a major war involving the US in the next couple of years?

    It's already happening. The US military is not what it once was. Since there's no denying how economically bankrupt the country is today there will be little resolve to fix this. Scan the headlines; we're already withdrawing from the world stage as the unipolar power.
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    It's all about eyeballs

    It is far far more difficult to make money than many self-help influencers suggest. This is true online and offline. I speak from decades of experience and success. Traffic itself doesn't equal sales. Qualified traffic takes time to build. It also takes time to convert. Social media is also far...
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    Minor forum changes

    When we upload our own images, does it strip out the XIF data? @Roosh This seems to be an add-on feature.
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    Preparedness During Civil Strife

    @Sam Malone It's crazy, isn't it? I sometimes assess men I know or meet. We've all had an issue getting a kid in a car. However, if you can't command your own in good times, how much worse will it be in a violent confrontation? This is as much training as anything else. @bmw633 I'm not an...
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    Preparedness During Civil Strife

    Aside from carrying everywhere? I'm ensuring maximum physical and mental fitness. More ideas... Practice drawing your weapon. Watch videos of how mobs act and escalate. You're probably not going to be disarming anyone but the video from Portland of the street-disarming of the police AR-15 is...