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First time smoking hash. (Crazy Experience).
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First time smoking hash. (Crazy Experience).
Now I want someone to explain to me, what the hell is going on now. Because during my whole life it never felt like i love it so much.. and I want your thoughts.
This is exactly a copy paste from a conversation i had with my friend, because i'm too lazy to write, But for sure you get my experience from this conversation. And I want your thoughts too.


I just smoked hash for the first time ever 4-5 days ago.it was a crazy experience. I've never smoked weed btw, and never got high before.
In my country there is no weed. only hashish.
ok so i was travelling with my buddies. and I've never tried weed before/ or hash . and never got high .we were driving by the car. I took 8-9 puffs. as i thought i don't get high . because last time i tried i didn't get high. Immediately my whole body was relaxed, and the high took over me and felt asleep awake. I heard a lot better. but my whole body was relaxed. and i couldn't talk so i slept awake for like 1 hour til we arrived. when we arrived. i decided i'm not going to take lots of puffs because i didn't want that to happen again. so i took only one puff when i felt i was ready to smoke again. Suddenly my life turned perfect.I can see a lot better, i can hear a lot better.My brain is so sharp. I crack funny jokes, i instantly become buddies with new people. my eye contact improved as fuck , i had conversations like 10 minutes over the phone with people i wanted to catch up with. people responded greatly. when i returned from the trip. I felt so social and outgoing the buzz was still there . I was waiting for the barber to finish his client. so i strike up a conversation with someone beside me.i strike up the conversation with someone and held it for 30 minutes. i would never do that under normal circumstances in the barber shop.
suddenly it felt like my life has changed.every word i say is smooth af , everything i say fits the context perfectly. I called a girl i wanted to follow up with 3 months ago. but i didn't, when sober i never felt like i can talk to her. i talked over the phone for 3 minutes. and basically everything i say she was laughing at.
And no one ever knew that i was high. or something.
SO it felt like i'm over the roof.. and life is exactly what i wanted it to be.
the call ended in 3 minutes. and she agreed to meetup soon.
Every word someone says to me , i feel it in a slow motion, i feel much smarter responding to anyone questioning me.
I could lie perfectly, with no one noticing.
I could be buddies , with anyone.
I could guess the right thing.
My mom asked me have you checked what the bill is for this month?
I never checked it .
I felt while she was talking that its expensive so i responded with 1,600.
and the bill was 1,600 pounds
i never told her i didn't see the bill. but she immediately thought i saw the bill
it looked like , everything is so perfect for once in my life.
and the buzz went away after 2 days. from just 2 puffs.
but it made my life feel smooth , calmer, it made me more outgoing.
it made me think clearly, do the right decisions quickly.
in a social situation i'm sharper , faster, and the one they love the most.
It didn't make me look high or under the influence of any drug.
So i looked completely normal , but my brain is through the roof.
I don't know if its the strain or what, but i don't know if i ever smoked again i will feel that again or not, and now i'm trying to get only 1 puff. so i can feel that buzz again.
It intensified every feeling i have, if i am happy i am so happy, if i'm angry and i forced myself to try to feel angry as an experiment , it made me feel angrier, if I'm going to have eye contact , it's going to be a strong one. If i'm going to think , I will think faster and have better decisions. If i'm going to hold a conversation I'm going to lead it and stir it in the direction I want. If I'm going to be connected to someone , i will be so connected to him. If I want to be funny, My jokes fits the context and everything i say is like the perfect thing i say at that moment.

Has anyone had a similar experience?
This shit is just crazier than I ever thought.
I've never felt I could do all those things while sober, it felt like after this experience, I've unlocked another layer in life, I would have never seen If i have never tried...
Please care to give me your thoughts. Was it the strain? , Was it because I took a small puff? Was it because the first time? Will i feel this buzz again if i bought from a different vendor, (Didn't mention that it wasn't me that bought the stuff.) , And i don't think we will ever see that same vendor again.

Thanks for tuning in and give me your thoughts. Dodgy
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07-09-2019 10:57 PM
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RE: First time smoking hash. (Crazy Experience).
Sounds like it may have turned you homosexual.
07-13-2019 06:53 PM
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RE: First time smoking hash. (Crazy Experience).
Sounds like some good meth

Ive smoked alot of hash and not once had an effect like that, but maybe I wasnt getting good shit
07-14-2019 08:00 AM
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RE: First time smoking hash. (Crazy Experience).
The first high is always the best and people ruin their lives by chasing that experience, be careful.

Don’t sweat the petty things, pet the sweaty things.
07-14-2019 02:59 PM
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