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The Reason Some Women Stay Single...
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RE: The Reason Some Women Stay Single...
(01-18-2012 06:25 PM)kosko Wrote:  I'm allergic to cats also, so It all makes sense now!

I also laugh how Women devote so much time to "friends" when they are very fake and untrustworthy of (and to) their friends. Outside of the 1 or 2 legitimate close friends a Women has the rest are all frauds whom will back-stab each other for a cock at a seconds notice lol.

Back in the day when I foolishly kept a stable of female friends thinking it would lead to more bangs (nope), I was floored at how much little loyal women have for each other, every week some new bomb would pop off and drama would ensue. Dudes for the most part have a certain modest level of mutual respect for their fellow man, a female will throw their best friend of 5 years under the bus.

This reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. Her "bestie" had being quiet around her lately and didn't invite her to see some band. She spent hours going on asking me if she thought her "bestie" was mad at her and was avoiding her, until her "bestie" texted her suggesting they meet up. My ex than said to me and I quote "haha I'm such a dumb bitch". I agreed with her.

I have one point to make however regarding your last statement. Guys throw other guys under the bus just as often as women do if they think it will even slightly help get them laid. I've had a guy who was my own flesh and blood cockblock me by snitching on my dissing the girl in question for being a serial liar. All to impress her for being on "her side" and give him a better shot of getting in.

It is this kind of crap that makes me despise beta males more than any other group on this Earth put together.
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01-18-2012 06:41 PM
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RE: The Reason Some Women Stay Single...
" can always just walk away when your interests are not being served."

You can, and should walk away. I talked about this before here. The willingness of a man to walk away with his dignity does wonders. Any scenario where you can break up with her IN FRONT OF HER GIRLFRIENDS is even sweeter. They do this kind of thing, ignoring/disrespecting you in front of their girls to try to show off. To show how THEY run the relationship. Bouncing on her on the spot humiliates her in front of her audience. They'll be supportive of her in her face, but later that night they're on the phone with each other behind her back laughing their asses off at her.

"The best kind of pride is that which compels a man to do his best when no one is watching."
01-18-2012 10:52 PM
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RE: The Reason Some Women Stay Single...
(01-18-2012 05:05 PM)Brightside Wrote:  
(01-18-2012 12:36 PM)basilransom Wrote:  Honestly, friends are the same as cats, if not worse. Women hang out with their friends all the time leaving no time for men, and then they'll wonder why they're single. I was texting a girl, and she tells me "I like you" (replied "So do I") right after she said she was busy all week with her friends. Wtf?

Hanging out with friends is sacred time for them - putting them above men proves they're empowered, and definitely not desperate. The constant contact with her harpie friends via cellphone, SMS, and Facebook reinforces it. They're never doing anything constructive with their friends, like volunteering or making something. Nope, it's usually eating, drinking, shopping, watching something, etc.

Not that a woman shouldn't spend time with friends, but if she wants a relationship, she needs to give more priority to men. Of course, the harpie friends would never let that fly.

This is my exact experience with the very first relationship I was ever in. She just could NOT put her friends above me. I took this girl (who was my gf at the time) to a dance where a lot of mutual friends were. I told her that I wanted to dance, but instead she told me that she wanted to talk to her friends a bit longer. I conceded and then saw her get up and dance with her friends. I approached a couple minutes later and said, "We're dancing alone...right now." and she said that she didn't want to leave her friends.

I told her that we were done right then and there.

If she is not willing to give you the respect you are willing to give her, then she's not worth it. It's a losing battle and it was consequently the very first lesson I learned when it comes to this can always just walk away when your interests are not being served.

What you should have done was dance with other girls.

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01-19-2012 01:41 PM
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RE: The Reason Some Women Stay Single...
Have to bump this thread because I've noticed the same thing in NYC. Women have many priorities that come before men:

1) Career (understandable because it's so expensive to live here)
2) Friends
3) Yolo experiences: bars, clubs, tours, brunch, etc
4) Their iphones and the way they can portray these experiences on their social media accounts

5) Men are a distant fifth, if that, to all of these things

I had a short term relationship with a girl giving me the works immediately: marriage, kids, moving in, I hate American culture, you're my everything, blah blah blah. I really think she was just molding herself to please me temporarily until she found her next source of excitement. I was always getting blown off for some stupid girls-night-out in your typical LES or Meatpacking bar. She made me a priority at first, but ultimately we mutually ended it because she "couldn't leave behind all these people," and they got "weird vibes from me"

This was a girl that wanted to get engaged within the next 3 years and couldn't put her short term gratification aside to keep a quality man. The situation got so bad that her roommate/BFF banned me from her apartment, making the situation even more unfeasible. About a month in I hard nexted her after I realized what her friends were like. She begged for me back and it continued in romantic bliss for a couple of months. Then she got bored and went back to YOLO. In hindsight, I should have soft-nexted and built up other girls on the side, as I knew from that moment it was doomed.

Her friends were typical catty bitches-freezing her out when she hung out with me, bullying her to no end about me, petty arguments about nothing, calling me "controlling" even though my only standard was a certain amount of time/sex with her weekly. She was water that took the shape of the container.

I highly doubt I'll do exclusive relationships anymore, but word of the wise: if her friends are garbage sluts, it will only be a matter of time before she caves. You must screen her friends. If they are in healthy relationships, you can always kick it with the guys in group gatherings. Taking me on a girls night out to the bar was a chore for both of us. I had no desire to hang out in a packed bar with her hambeast friends and watch her get plastered.

One of two things can happen long term: her friends will find meaningful relationships of their own, leaving her alone (unlikely), or they will continue the party until their 30's and become jaded and cynical.

Women's friendships are truly destructive.
02-22-2017 01:03 AM
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RE: The Reason Some Women Stay Single...
Graft, good points overall.

Where you said this:
Women's friendships are truly destructive.

Destructive women have destructive friends. Quality women have quality friends. The distinction and nuance is important.

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02-22-2017 01:17 AM
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