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Who wants to be a tropical pimp?
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RE: Who wants to be a tropical pimp?
Here's a business idea:
Make these hans solo fridge doors in standard fridge sizes and sell on ebay.

but include the option of using any figure for the head, such as the fridge owners.

I suppose it could be done by 3D graphic and and a CNC router used on foam.

There must be a billion little cnc projects a guy could run - and that work could also be outsourced.

I used to get carried away with business ideas years ago. Had several modestly successful businesses, and even did some electronics manufacturing at one point. It took me a long time to learn to just settle down and focus on the few things that worked, rather than expand all the time.

But now I have a small budget to toy with, if someone wants to work for a percentage of business plus accommodation and living expenses.

I had to live hand to mouth with no fallback option much of my life to pursue my business interests, so although I'm not offering much money straight up, it's a bigger opportunity than you might realize, if you have the entrepreneurial skills to make things happen.

I knew a guy who commissioned stain glass lampshades in Thailand and sold them on Ebay. He always had a huge smile on his face when he discussed his income.

If you stumble around long enough, you can find find something that earns you enough income, while also greatly increasing your lifestyle and life satisfaction.

Most people don't do it because of the risks.

If only you knew of someone to take those risks for you!
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